Silverlight 2 RTW, the Patient Journey Demonstrator and Blacklight

What a week! Silverlight 2 is here – horray! This release really feels like it has come out of nowhere. First up – where to get the stuff… Uninstall the old Silverlight runtimes, Silverlight tools for VS, Silverlight SDK and Blend 2 (any CTP). Get VS2008 SP1 installed, if you havent already, from here……


New Patient Journey Demonstrator at

Hi all – great news, an updated version of the Patient Journey Demonstrator, the project I am currently working on, has been released. Check it out at In this release we fixed lots of bugs, as well as added some new features around capturing input from the user. Below is a list of some…


Brand New Silverlight 2 Application: Healthcare Demonstrator

I have been fairly quiet for the last few months, and one of the reasons is that I have been working on a Silverlight 2 application, showcasing some future thinking for rich UI in the healthcare space. The Microsoft Health Common User Interface: Patient Journey Demonstrator is the result of work from a very small…


Suggestions for a Real World WPF Video, please?

Since creating the first set of RWWPF (Real World WPF) videos, we had had loads of great suggestions on what else we could be showing. One of the re-occuring themes is about using Blend & WPF for LOB (Line of Business) applications – such as customer account systems, and internal tools. So, I am adding…


Real World WPF Videos: BSF Showcase

Two very exciting announcements for Adventures today… the first – our Real World WPF Videos are now featured on Channel 9 – all of the links below. Secondly – the second in the series is now availble to download too. The BSF Showcase (Building Schools for the Future) was an exciting look at enriching learning…


Presenting ‘Harmony’ – 3D WinFX Music Player

I came across Harmony yesterday, thanks to a kind e-mail some one sent us. After 5 minutes of using, I am hooked. This is a superb way to look at my music library – its like actually having the CD in my hand! The creator admits this is similar to Coverflow for OSX, but again,…


IBloks BETA now available!

As previewed at MIX06… the IBlock beta is now availble for testing. And it is addictive. Unless you have a couple of hours spare playing with IBloks, then stay well away. This is set to be one of the first commercial WPF apps. What IBloks does incredible well is show WPF’s simple and clean integration…


RSS Postit Application

Well, this is my second day of being a blogger, and I am well chuffed with the traffic coming onto the blog. So chuffed in fact, I have uploaded a little sample I made a while back for you all to enjoy… I made this when I first started playing around with DataTemplates in ItemsControls….