Blacklight v4.3(Dec09) released

Just a quick note to say Blacklight v4.3 is out on CodePlex. Check out the release notes in the showcase for fixes and upgrades this release. You can download the latest from the Blacklight CodePlex site. Wishing everybody a happy holiday and see you all in the new year! Martin


Blacklight v4.1 Update Released

A few bugs have been identified with DragDockPanelHost, as well as one or two expected features missing, so I have created a fixed release that addresses the following… Between v3.0 and v4.0, the PanelState property on the DragDockPanel became read-only, due to some toggling issues. This has caused issues with setting the default panel state…


Blacklight v4 for Silverlight 3 Released

It has been a short while since our last Blacklight release (March ‘09), however, I am pleased to say that we are back up and running, and have a brand new release for you. Want to get straight to the good stuff? See the latest showcase here. Get the latest release binaries and source here….


Blacklight UPDATE – returning in the new FY (July ‘09)!

It has been a little while since I last posted, and a little longer since I was last able to provide an update to the Blacklight project. This short post is just to give an update on where we are, and when the next big release can be expected. First off, Blacklight has been a…


blacklight v3.0 (Mar09) released!

After a ‘short delay’, V3.0 of the Blacklight controls are here! Thank very much for you patience with this release. The showcase will be updated very shortly for you to see all of the controls in action! Get the latest release here! As always, here are the highlights for this release…   BRAND NEW ‘BLACKLIGHT…


Patient Journey Demonstrator December 2008 Released

Probably the last post before the holidays, however, I am very pleased to announce a new release of the Patient Journey Demonstrator. This is a smoking hot release with some super rich and super cool new features. You can plenty of details on the new features at the Microsoft Health CUI Team Blog. To summarise…


Video: Using Blacklight Controls in Blend

A short video (02:16) on how to start using Blacklight Controls in Blend! Get the controls from here. See the showcase here.


Blacklight v2.0 (Dec08) is here!

It has been a really busy November for me, however, the December release of Blacklight has arrived. This release contains tonnes of bug fixes, as well as some really cool new features. Check out the the new showcase here. Get the latest release code from here. Some of the new fully customisable controls and features…


Blacklight – Controls for Designers – v1.0 Released!

The first release of Blacklight is here! This release has really focussed on creating a set of controls that create visual effects that designers use in everyday work. I have also worked on some improvements to the Drag Dock Panel controls, including being able to dynamically add panels at runtime, and change which side the…