blacklight v3.0 (Mar09) released!

After a ‘short delay’, V3.0 of the Blacklight controls are here! Thank very much for you patience with this release.

The showcase will be updated very shortly for you to see all of the controls in action!

Get the latest release here!

As always, here are the highlights for this release…



We have focused on providing controls that allow designers to start adding rich data and content to their application, without the need for code. This release sees 3 such controls: LiveSearchListBox, SyndicationFeedListBox and DeepZoomViewer!


Live Search List Box

imageimageThe Live Search List Box provides Live Search functionality. The XAML below shows how to incorporate this control – no C# required!


The Live Search List Box links to the search text box, and buttons by passing in their names. Simple! Get an application ID from right now to get going!

Syndication Feed List Box


The Syndication Feed List Box makes it very simple to include RSS feeds into your application.


Deep Zoom Viewer

The Deep Zoom Viewer provides a drag and drop control that displays deep zoom images and give you all the interactivity required to navigate around, including mouse wheel support!




Animated Expander


The Animated Expander is a control provides the ability to expand and collapse UI elements with an animation.

Updated Showcase Navigation

As more controls became available, we have reshuffled the showcase navigation to make it easier to find the control you are after…




The project has had a BIG structural overhaul, and some namespace changes. This could result in some breaking changes in you application. Please use the codeplex discussion boards for further assistance.

The overhaul has been necessary to allow WPF and Silverlight to share controls, meaning plenty more controls for WPF too. The list below shows what is available for WPF now..


Thanks again for you patience.

Get the latest stuff from the code plex site here.

See the showcase here.



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  1. Russ says:

    Ahhh! Not strongly named! Can’t add to GAC.

  2. Blacklight is a UX focussed code sharing project lead by Martin Grayson (a User Experience Developer

  3. Really Cool !

    Did you add resizable panel in the dragdrop panel control in this release ?

    Will test it this w.e.

    thanks for those nice stuffs !

  4. Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from DotNetShoutout

  5. In this issue: Nikhil Kothari, Alex Knight(2), Lutz Gerhard, Nigel Sampson, Ofir Shemesh, Tim Heuer,

  6. says:

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from

  7. david says:

    These are some really cool controls for Silverlight – thanks!

    However, I don’t get mouse-wheel support in Firefox, Chrome or Safari (in Windows)

    Any ideas?

  8. pmon says:

    Found a couple of "Features" in the WPF version of the DragDocPanelHost behavior.  I posted them in the discusion lists on the codeplex project.  

    Not sure how often you check over there, so figured I would note it here.


  9. WebGiu says:

    Does this work in Blend 3 Preview March 2009?

  10. martin.grayson says:


    A resizable panel didnt make it into the release. We are currently moving towards and approach of using controls internally for a short period to ensure quality, stability etc. and then releasing them publically. The resizable panels are currently in that process. Sorry buddy, but stay tuned for updates!



  11. martin.grayson says:

    Hi david,

    Yes, the mousewheel support is limited to IE at the moment. I think there is a workaround for fire fox, which I will investigate and try to get into the 3.5 release.



  12. martin.grayson says:

    Thanks Paul,

    I have seen you updates, and working them into a 3,5 release.


  13. Ion says:


    Can I specify a desired size(default size) for a DragDockPanel?

    In MSCUI I see diferrent panel sizes. How can I do it with backlight? Thanks.

  14. omar says:

    Can tou post examples? or where i’m get these

  15. Paulo says:

    Just found this, great stuff here! I love the Drag Dock Panel 🙂

    One quick question: is the Drag Dock Panel customizable? I.e., can I change its color?



  16. ruddy says:

    Great Staff!

    But when well you migration  to silverlight 3.0 ?

  17. Robert Woltz says:

    A little lost just need some guidance here.

    Need to chage the color tried background does not do it.

    Second, Need to write in the Header area of each panel. Tried adding header="" and it does not work

    Third, How can I get one panel to open when the page opens and the rest of the items parked.

    Fourth, I have not figured out how to make dragdropgpannel host use the entire area.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Great job Martin I love what you have done in V3

  18. Robert Woltz says:

    OK, what I meant was version 4.1 SORRY about that mistake.

    I finally got the background colors to work just a bit strange however if I put the code in VS and rebuilt it didn’t work. Then I opened B3 complied closed opened VS 2008 rebuilt again and it worked. Strange.

    The other items still open at this moment.

    Additional requests.

    Since now it is more than ever possible to do LOB SL3 sites is anyone developing a program for advertisments that rotates and keeps good anaylitics. I mean SL3 advertisments. Right now we have div off an area on the default page to run normal banner advertisments but I would like that to go away. Anyone trying this I would love to view.

    Thank you in advance for anyone who can provide some guidance.


  19. rtwPhoenix says:

    I get an error when using Search. All code is in I changed the AppID from a number to the Login still same problem "Client Error"

    I have uploaded to site just click on Search

    Thank you in advance for any help.


  20. Where Is The Source Code?

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