Animated Layout Panel (from the Blacklight Controls)

A video from Mike Parker, introducing the Animated Layout Panel control, found in Blacklight!

Get the controls from here.

See the showcase here.

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  1. Martin,

    Another fantastic release.  Being new to Silverlight, I’m amazed almost daily at the speed with which control libraries and frameworks are appearing.  It is a huge help to developers; thank you!

    I am actually working right now on a CRM web portal, built entirely in Silverlight, of which a core requirement is the ability to create custom forms (both data-entry, and custom pages) and save them to client-specific data stores.  Visually, toolkist such as Blacklight are highly useful in creating the user interaction, and I was wondering whether or not the team is investigating a method for saving dynamically created content.  My approach for now is creating a custom control that "remembers" the content and position of controls that are put onto its surface (along with data such as which control subsribes to which other controls’ events).


    Benjamin Haag

  2. martin.grayson says:

    Hi Benjamin,

    I did some work a while ago which remembered config settings, colours and positions of UI (even some inking information). I had to write and XML generator for storing and reading the data though.

    I have nothing worth sharing unfortunately.



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