Video: Using Blacklight Controls in Blend

A short video (02:16) on how to start using Blacklight Controls in Blend!

Get the controls from here.

See the showcase here.

Comments (6)

  1. In this issue: Bart Czernicki, Alexey Zakharov, Martin Grayson, Ning Zhang, Jesse Liberty, and Kevin

  2. says: infoDose #12 (15th Dec – 19th Dec)

  3. Very cool.  Please put together a quick video showing the use of the Animated Layout Panel control in Blend.


  4. Zullu says:

    This is awesome.

    Just curious to know if there is any support for Blend 4.

    I know it is RC but we have made a switch to SL 4 and would need Blend 4 eventually.

    I would love to use these controls in my SL 4 projects too.



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