Blacklight v2.0 (Dec08) is here!

It has been a really busy November for me, however, the December release of Blacklight has arrived. This release contains tonnes of bug fixes, as well as some really cool new features.

Check out the the new showcase here.

Get the latest release code from here.

Some of the new fully customisable controls and features include...


The glass border give a glossy effect either over the top of content or behind.



The perspective shadow draws a shadow behind the border giving a feeling of perspective, as if the border is standing upright...



The radial shadow border give the effect that the border and its contents are hovering off of the ground. The shadow width and vertical offset are all customisable enabling you to create a greater sense of depth.

image  image


Mike Parker has provided his first control to the project - the AnimatedLayoutPanel. This panel allows incredible deep levels of configuration to achieve the exact effect you are looking for. This must be seen... (Thanks Mike!)



The cute little control gives you something to display when buffering a video, downloading an image / deep zoom content, waiting on a web service etc. You can also set the content to be what ever you please!


Go check it out at



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  1. Great tool to make the Designer Live easer

    Thanks a lot


  2. In this issue: Pete Brown, Tim Greenfield, Boyan Nikolov, Jesse Liberty, Mike Ormond, David Justice,

  3. Great job with this stuff! I envy how beautifully you’ve crafted these controls to provide an amazing / rich UX. Really impressive!! I particularly love the animations in the drag drop panel — it’s almost too hot for eyes under the age of 18 😉

  4. martin.grayson says:

    Your welcome peter, please, please keep any feedback, ideas, bugs etc. coming in!

  5. martin.grayson says:

    "…it’s almost too hot for eyes under the age of 18 …"

    David, this has to be one of my all time favourite comments. I should have a comments section somewhere in the showcase and put this there!

    Love it.

    Thanks very much by the way. I love doing this stuff too!

  6. Uchimata says:

    Guys, I have to congratulate for this amazing control pack! Thank you for it!

    Anyway I just realized that the blinking cursor is hidden in the textbox when using Glossy skin. Any suggestion? Thank you again!

  7. martin.grayson says:

    Hi uchimata,

    Thanks for your kind words! Good spot – I dont think there is a way to change the brush on the blinking cursor. I think that is is hardcoded for Silverlight 2. I guess the only way around it is to lighted the backround of the box a little.

    Throught the showcase, where we have used the black glossy style, I tend to not use the text box currently, because of this. However, if they became blue glossy styles, or gray glossy styles, then this could well fix the issue.



  8. Paulo Tioseco says:

    This controls are awesome!

    I have a question though, how can I change the template of the DragDropPanel and change its header?

  9. Levin says:

    Hi,man. Are there any open source SL control to implement Master-detail view using Popup and drag&drop?

  10. martin.grayson says:

    Hey Paul.

    You can either edit the entire template for a DragDockPanel, or you can edit the HeaderTemplate (which is just the controls that make up the header).

    If you just wanted to change the header text, there is a ‘Header’ property you can set also. If you check out the sample in Blacklight, you will see what I mean.



  11. martin.grayson says:

    Hey Levin,

    None that I can think of for SL, but the next release of Blacklight v3.0 (in Jan) should have a drag and drop system, so watch this space.


  12. paulotioseco says:

    Thanks Martin. I figured it out. Thanks!

  13. Rui Marinho says:

    hello Martin, great to see this new release of blacklight, i m currently design a website using this controls.. i also will want to help, i have a control tab manager inspired in the one you write for MSCUI , we already talked about that in emails.. i thins it will be a good control for blacklight. what do u think?

    best regards


  14. says: infoDose #11 (8th Dec – 12th Dec)

  15. martin.grayson says:

    Hey Rui,

    Good to hear from you again. Mail me at…

    with the details and we can talk there. Sounds very interesting though! 🙂


  16. bladebunny says:

    Love the new controls.  I was actually on the point of building my own shadowed border control when I came across Blacklight.  But I have a stupid Dev question.  I’m trying to use the DropShadowBorder to create a shadowed border around some content I have in a grid.  Using the default settings from the Demo…I am not able to get a shadow at all.  As the demo does not include any content inside the control, its hard to tell how to use it.  Does it act as a content control or as a panel — like a border?

    I’ve tried:












         <Cols> (pseudo)

         <Rows> (pseudo)

        <DropShadow Row Col RowSpan ColSpan />

         <..Other content…>



    Niether seems to work.  What am I not getting?  Thanks…

  17. martin.grayson says:

    Hi bladebunny,

    Can you try setting a background and border, and also a margin to ensure that the shadow effect isnt been drawn outside the edge of the page…

    Let me know if that doenst help!


  18. bladebunny says:

    Thanks, Martin.  I think that was the issue.  I had the DropShadow as the background for some content in a grid and I think it was being clipped.  I am sorry to say that I’m running into another issue that I’ll post to Codeplex.  Basically I can get the control to work in trivial examples but I have a more complex detailed data view form where I’m wanting to use the control to provide a shadow for an image…and that particular xaml page is throwing an exception at the point where the dropshadow control is created removing the control removes the problem.  Not ruling out that there isn’t something else going on but having trouble troubleshooting it.  I’ll submit it on Codeplex….



  19. Mike Pettit says:

    OK, silly question, and it might just be an odd config on my machine.  Whenever I go to the Blacklight showcase site and click on the Silverlight tab, the WPF tab, or even the ‘Blogs’ text, my browser (IE 7 on Vista 32) thinks for a few seconds, and then it goes white translucent as it stops responding, and then takes IE down an restarts all instances of IE on my desktop.  Wow.  Do you have any idea about where I can check some log files to see what is happening?

    The Internet Explorer application log in the event viewer is empty, but the Application log has the errors and the WER information message.   Here’s the XML off of the crash event.  It is identical for the 3 times I crashed IE.

    – <Event xmlns=""&gt;

    – <System>

     <Provider Name="Application Error" />

     <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>




     <TimeCreated SystemTime="2009-02-05T00:05:44.000Z" />




     <Security />


    – <EventData>














    –> Mike

  20. martin.grayson says:

    I believe that this issue will be fixed in the Silverlight GDR release (which should be with you soon, if its not already!).

    Let me know if you are still seeing the same problem.


  21. Balakrishna Yeluvolu says:

    hi Grayson,

    Excellent work, DragDockPanel is very good.

    Thank you for sharing these great look and feel controls.

  22. Arun Nair says:

    Hi Grayson,

     Thank you for sharing these wonderful set of controls.  I was wondering if there is a WPF version of these controls. If so I would love to have them


  23. martin.grayson says:

    There is a WPF version available from the same site also.

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