Silverlight 2 RTW, the Patient Journey Demonstrator and Blacklight

What a week! Silverlight 2 is here – horray! This release really feels like it has come out of nowhere.

First up – where to get the stuff…

I have been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks getting my 2 current project up to speed with RTW, and they are now available.

The Patient Journey Demonstrator has now been upgraded to Silverlight 2 RTW…

The current release of Blacklight (v0.1) has also been updated along with the showcase. There is also now a pre-release showcase, giving you a taste for what is coming at the end of October! Check-it out now


Finally, my UX buddy, Dave Crawford, has updated his Glossy Control styles for the RTW of Silverlight 2. The are real nice, and now, everyone, demand more from Dave!!! See them running live here

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