New Silverlight 2 Media Player for my blog!

UPDATE: Get the latest blog media player code from Blacklight, our new CodePlex project!  

I have been meaning to start video blogging (vlogging) for some time. I think you can get stuff across far more simply that way. However, I hadn't gotten around to building a simple video player for hosting on my blog - well, problem solved. I finally got off my backside and made one.

I decided to make my first video blog on the media player itself, so sit back and enjoy.

Introducing the new Video Blog Media Player

You can download the video too. 

The source code for the media player is available from if you want to change / host it yourself. Thanks to Tim Sneath for giving the example on how to host Silverlight on your blog

You could also point to where I have hosted the page (if you don't have hosting yourself) - however, I cannot guarantee the connection or that the MediaPlayer will be bug free.

The player is hosted on this page...

You need to pass in a source to activate the player - i.e.

Happy vlogging!


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  1. Koen Zwikstra with Silverlight Spy, John Papa on UserControl from Popup Control, Shawn Wildermuth on

  2. Edge Architect says:

     Yeah RIGHT!!!

    Download the code from these losers over here.

    Nah, Nah !!! You’re stupid to even download the code!

  3. Hi Martin,

     I’m not a developer but I’ve started a blog on Live Spaces called EventHorizons (It has privacy enabled) a couple months ago. I wanted to post a Silverlight Media Player there to make media presentations which are far more informative than text posts to many people. I found this one you developed but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get the VS Solution from the place you mention in your post. They’re using a really complicated team environment or something.

     Can you help me get the package you developed so I can use it on my Blog, please?

     Thanks for your time and patience my friend.

  4. martin.grayson says:


    Sorry you are having difficulty, could you please ellaborate further on the comment below…?

    ‘Yeah RIGHT!!! Download the code from these losers over here. Nah, Nah !!! You’re stupid to even download the code!’

    Anyway, new to codeplex? There are a couple of ways to get the Visual Studio project. If you head over the you will see a few tabs across the top.

    The ‘Releases’ tab will get the current main release. The most stabe code. You will see 2 links on this page, one for the precompiled binaries, the other for the Visual Studio project.

    The ‘Source Code’ tab allows you to get the latest source code. Now this will have more features, bug fixes etc, but would have been less rigorously tested. On this tab you will see a list of code check-ins. Just go to the latest code check in and click on Download.

    Hope that helps, and please do comment further on what you meant above.



  5. Martin,

     I’m not a developer or designer. I couldn’t write an action script if a million dollars hung in the balance. I have contacted nine (9) Microsoft employees over the last month. Only one of them was even interested enough to check my blog and never contacted me. Maybe I’m just too stupid to have a discussion with a Microsoft person. Is it that apparent? It’s like nobody’s home at Microsoft. I’m wondering about a couple things at this point. Will Microsoft even be supporting Silverlight in six months? And, if they are going to, then why in the world aren’t Microsoft employees falling over one another to get this out there into the public eye? (A Silverlight 2.0 Media Player for Share Point Server 2007 with AS3)

     I’ll explain better with this example. I contacted Adobe Systems and in less than an hour (yeah, I was shocked!) I had a Media Player solution with full Javascripts and style sheets. It’s running on my blog right now.

     How about Silverlight I wondered? I’m a big proponent of Microsoft software. Nothin’! No body’s home! Do you really want to capture market share from the likes of Yahoo and MySpace? Then, please Ladies and Gentleman, let’s get this out there and see the Silverlight pluggin installed on a quarter billion users machines through Live Spaces et al and put Yahoo in the rear view mirror!

           God Bless You And Yours


             Chicago, Illinois USA

  6. martin.grayson says:


    Thanks for your response. As you can see from my blog, I am a big fan of Silverlight, and the purpose of Blacklight is to give designers coming to silverlight a set of controls, samples and visual effects that will allow them to hit the ground running.

    Over the coming months, we will see the eco system around silverlight grow and grow, and the place will be flooded with controls and samples that will be really easy for people to use and plug into their websites. However, Silverlight 2 released just 2 weeks ago, so give it some time.

    I for one am right behind Silverlight, and I know Microsoft will continue to make huge investments in Windows, WPF, ASP.NET and Silverlight. So stay tuned…


  7. Mohamad Meqdadi says:

    Can You give me source code i llok for that for a long time plz reply to me on

  8. martin.grayson says:

    hi mohamed,

    you can get the source code for this at:



  9. Bus ticket says:

    Ok. Finally i was able to find the code I was looking for. Thank you that. Question that is really of interest and couldn’t find answer is : Is it possible to build the custom media player with some kind of security to protect the video?

    Using PlayReady is too costly for me as an individual who is starting up based on past years saving. There aren’t any low cost solutions available, so any thoughts or links on that area would be really useful.


  10. SiKo says:

    Thanks for this. Came at the right time to make some progress in an assignment I’m doing. Keep up the great work!

  11. adefwebserver says:


    I was able to download the source code. Unzip it, double-click on the "Blacklight.sln" file. Hit f% and it built and ran. I then was able to navigate to the page the video player is on and it ran just fine.

    Thanks for the code.

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