Patient Journey Demonstrator December 2008 Released

Probably the last post before the holidays, however, I am very pleased to announce a new release of the Patient Journey Demonstrator. This is a smoking hot release with some super rich and super cool new features. You can plenty of details on the new features at the Microsoft Health CUI Team Blog. To summarise…


Video: Using Blacklight Controls in Blend

A short video (02:16) on how to start using Blacklight Controls in Blend! Get the controls from here. See the showcase here.


Blacklight v2.0 (Dec08) is here!

It has been a really busy November for me, however, the December release of Blacklight has arrived. This release contains tonnes of bug fixes, as well as some really cool new features. Check out the the new showcase here. Get the latest release code from here. Some of the new fully customisable controls and features…


Blacklight – Controls for Designers – v1.0 Released!

The first release of Blacklight is here! This release has really focussed on creating a set of controls that create visual effects that designers use in everyday work. I have also worked on some improvements to the Drag Dock Panel controls, including being able to dynamically add panels at runtime, and change which side the…


Silverlight 2 RTW, the Patient Journey Demonstrator and Blacklight

What a week! Silverlight 2 is here – horray! This release really feels like it has come out of nowhere. First up – where to get the stuff… Uninstall the old Silverlight runtimes, Silverlight tools for VS, Silverlight SDK and Blend 2 (any CTP). Get VS2008 SP1 installed, if you havent already, from here……


Blacklight updated for Silverlight 2 RC0

Back from holiday, and just a short post to let you know that Blacklight has been updated for Silverlight 2 RC0. To get the release candidate for Silverlight 2 go here: To view the RC0 compatible version of the Showcase, you can go to: You can still see the Beta 2 version of…


Introducing Blacklight – our new (Silverlight) CodePlex project

Hey – very exciting news today… I finally have a CodePlex project set up. From the site… ‘Blacklight is a UX focused code sharing project. Microsoft has released a bunch of technologies that allow designers and developers to work closely together to make beautiful software. This project is a collection of controls, samples, visual assets…


New Patient Journey Demonstrator at

Hi all – great news, an updated version of the Patient Journey Demonstrator, the project I am currently working on, has been released. Check it out at In this release we fixed lots of bugs, as well as added some new features around capturing input from the user. Below is a list of some…


Silverlight 2 Samples: Dragging, docking, expanding panels (Part 3)

UPDATE: Get the latest Dragging, docking, expanding panel code from Blacklight, our new CodePlex project!  In Part 1, we looked at how we construct a Dragging, docking, expanding panel, and added the ‘dragging’ functionality by placing the panel in a Canvas. In Part 2 we looked at the host panel that controls the grid layout…


New Silverlight 2 Media Player for my blog!

UPDATE: Get the latest blog media player code from Blacklight, our new CodePlex project!   I have been meaning to start video blogging (vlogging) for some time. I think you can get stuff across far more simply that way. However, I hadn’t gotten around to building a simple video player for hosting on my blog -…