A Pane In The Glass

Hi. First off, apologies for the long absence. This was due to some project commitments, however, that is still no excuse. I am happy to say that I am now back, have a heap of cool WPF things to post on – incluiding the final 2 parts to the Button excercise. In the mean time,…


3D Rotating User Interface

Thought I would post up another sample I made a while back – a 3D rotating user interface, similar to that in the Healthcare demo. In this simple sample, there are two levels of navigation. Moving from level 1 to level 2 will rotate the main user interface away into the background, while the secondary…


Presenting ‘Harmony’ – 3D WinFX Music Player

I came across Harmony yesterday, thanks to a kind e-mail some one sent us. After 5 minutes of using, I am hooked. This is a superb way to look at my music library – its like actually having the CD in my hand! The creator admits this is similar to Coverflow for OSX, but again,…


IBloks BETA now available!

As previewed at MIX06… the IBlock beta is now availble for testing. And it is addictive. Unless you have a couple of hours spare playing with IBloks, then stay well away. This is set to be one of the first commercial WPF apps. What IBloks does incredible well is show WPF’s simple and clean integration…


BETA 2 – Come and get it!

Tim Sneath tells us whats new in WPF Beta 2, and where to get just about everything! Martin

Ten Websites of the Month – May Edition

Ok, so one of the things I hope to achieve with this blog is to share all of the little gems that I come across in the web, as well as highlighting some articles from the big boys’ blogs, such Tims, Karsten, DanC etc. So, without further adue… (and in no particular order!) Adding Glass…


RSS Postit Application

Well, this is my second day of being a blogger, and I am well chuffed with the traffic coming onto the blog. So chuffed in fact, I have uploaded a little sample I made a while back for you all to enjoy… I made this when I first started playing around with DataTemplates in ItemsControls….


Creating a Glass Button – PART ONE

PLEASE SEE THE UPDATED TUTORIAL HERE  Alot of people ask, when it comes to WPF, how do I make my app look cool? WPF allows to fully customise the look and behaviour of all the common controls – this means a button no longer needs to be represented by a grey rectangle, or a radio…


Scalable UI – in one line of XAML!

One of the great things about WPF is how easy it is to make a fully scalable UI. The above picture is an examply of a UI i made, with live reflections, menus and images, and with one line of XAML, it became fully scalable. How was this acheived – by placing all of my…



Just a brief post with a code snippet demonstrating how to create a custom event with WPF… for most this won’t be unfamiliar, but for those who are new to UI development, this is key… Below is the snippet where I register the event. In this example, I have a Save button in a user…