Multi Tenant Data Access (MTDA) S+S Blueprint Now Available

The MTDA (Multi Tenant Data Access) S+S Blueprint is now online. You can get more details by watching the Channel9 interview I did with Eugenio Pace: Download either using the S+S Blueprints Manager or from codeplex:  


RoboChamps is Live!

Marc Mercuri, one of the hardest working and smartest people I know, just launched RoboChamps is, in Marc’s own word: “…a league, and like sports leagues, will have a regular season comprised of a series of challenges. As RoboChamps is based in simulation, we can provide you with access to environments and robots most people could…


Live Mesh application development

Today at Web 2.0 Expo, Ori Amiga presented the first public view of the Live Mesh developer experience. Writing code in Iron Python as well as C#, Ori demonstrated, as in his Channel9 video, how easy it is to write apps against the Mesh Operating Environment (MOE).  


Microsoft Software + Services Blueprints

Finally I can talk about what I’ve been working on for the past 6 months! Yesterday, Soma delivered a keynote at TechEd Europe : Developers, and blogged about the Software + Services Blueprints! S+S Blueprints are source code access, guidance and tools that work with Visual Studio to enable you to easily build software +…