Bob Walsh’s take on MIX, Blend and Silverlight

Bob Walsh, author of “MicroISV: From Vision to Reality”, and co-host of The MicroISV Show on Channel9, has written a blog post about his experiences at MIX07.


Silverlight is going to be huge for MicroISVs

This week at MIX07 we revealed the full extent of Microsoft Silverlight which includes support for XAML-based UI and includes a .NET CLR with support for C#, VB.Net, IronPython, JScript and eventually IronRuby and VBx which enables the delivery of cross-platform high-speed, rich functionality applications in IE, Firefox (and soon Opera, post v1.1) on Windows, and…


Podcasting at MIX07

I’m at MIX07 doing audio podcasting.  If you’d like to be on Channel9 click on the email link and drop me a line and we’ll plan a time to get together. You can check out all the podcasts I’ve done leading up to MIX07 at  


MIX07 Buzzcast #1 – Brad Abrams – ASP.Net / AJAX

The Developer and Platform Evangelism group here at Microsoft, the org in which I work, is responsible for staging PDC and MIX. MIX is an annual event for designers, developers and business decision makers (BDMs in Microsoft speak) and from April 30th to May 2nd the second annual version, MIX07, will light up the Venetian hotel…