MicroISVs/Shareware at TechEd Europe

Now that the European Shareware Conference (www.microisv.eu) is in the books, I’ve travelled to Barcelona for TechEd Europe Developers. I’ll be mostly talking to attendees at the Shareware @ TechEd stand (http://www.mseventseurope.com/Teched/06/Pre/static/Developers/exhshareware.aspx ) If I can persuade my laptop to cooperate, I’ll be giving Project Glidepath demos.  In any case, I’d love to meet with…


ESWC – Another year, another great conference

The 6th annual European Shareware/MicroISV Conference (www.microisv.eu) is now history and a great time was had by all. I participated in a panel discussion on Technical Issues and gave a presentation about Project Glidepath (www.projectglidepath.net). I’ll be posting a podcast of my talk as well as the powerpoint deck shortly.  


Project Glidepath WPF Packages added

We ‘ve just updated the master MicroISV Project Glidepath repository to include both C# and VB.Net versions of the Windows Presentation Foundation UX packages. Check out the blog post on www.projectglidepath.net for information on how to synchronize your local repository and downloaded these two new packages.  


European Shareware Conference

Next week I’m off to Cambridge, UK for the annual European Shareware Conference for MicroISVs. Bob Walsh, author of “MicroISV: From Vision to Reality” is the keynote speaker and I’ll be participating on a panel and giving a presentation about Project Glidepath.  


Project Glidepath Installation Video now available

I just posted a screencast of the Project Glidepath installation process on the www.ProjectGlidepath.net website. If you subscribe to the Project Glidepath Blog you’ll get access to a series of audio/video/screen podcasts that are being produced moving forward.  


Project Glidepath / Vista Development / MicroISV "pain points"

Project Glidepath 2.0 (www.projectglidepath.net) is now shipping and we are preparing to develop more factories and packages for Project Glidepath.In order to make sure we’re building the content containing the guidance, templates and tools that you need I’d like to ask you to please tell us the kinds of “pain points” you are encountering as…


Microsoft Partner Programs for MicroISVs

If you are a MicroISV, or want to become one, there are two offerings from the Microsoft Partner Program you should know about: Microsoft Partner Program (https://partner.microsoft.com/global/program) There is a no-fee, no-points signup for MSPP (https://partner.microsoft.com/global/40032508) Action Pack (https://partner.microsoft.com/global/40009848) This gives you licenses for Microsoft software to run your business including Dynamics ($350 per year)…


Project Glidepath 2.0 Now Ready For Download!

After 3 months of experience with the Project Glidepath Technical Preview, we have now released Project Glidepath 2.0! It contains many additional features and facilities including multiple factories and better support for VB.Net along with C#. Information regarding downloading Project Glidepath 2.0 is found here. We will be recording screencasts of the new features shortly…


Lang.Net 2006 Compiler Symposium Wrap Up

The Lang.Net 2006 Compiler Symposium was held in Redmond on July 31-August 2nd. The videos of the screen casts we made during the presentations at Lang.Net 2006 are now available at: http://www.langnetsymposium.com/speakers.asp The on-site experience at Lang.Net 2006 was exciting and now the talks are available if you were unable to attend or you just…


Lang.NET 2006 Compiler Symposium Continues

Today at the Lang.NET 2006 Symposium the lineup includes: Jim Purbrick Second Life Don Syme   Type-safe, Scalable, efficient scripting on .NET and beyond Andy Ayers Phoenix John Lam P7 – Just do it. Making Ruby work with (not on) the CLR. George Moore Atlas Gadgets Bruce Payette Windows Power Shell Attendee bloggers and reporters with…