Microbranding efforts – reinvigorated!

Hugh MacLeod, author of the gapingvoid blog/comics today posted an "Important Announcement" in which he comments on how his consulting business has been both the beneficiary of his microbranding/blogging efforts and has taken his focus away from microbranding/blogging.

I too have been having the same scenario play out regarding my blogging and podcasting efforts as I've recently gone "dark" for a few months working on  Microsoft Software-plus-Services Blueprints.  As Hugh opines, it's recently been on my mind that it was time to re-think the value of the seemingly "frivolous" blogging/podcasting hours I've been slacking up on.

I recently posted my full thoughts over on my personal blog:  http://www.independentinnovation.net

Here, it's time to ramp up the discussion about Software-plus-Services Blueprints!

Three weeks ago we released the Software-plus-Services Blueprints Manager and the first Software-plus-Services Blueprint (Outlook + Services) via Codeplex (http://www.codeplex.com/ssblueprints).

This coming week we will be releasing example Outlook add-ins built on top of Outlook + Services as well as continue moving forward on the development of additional blueprints.  You can follow all the action by visiting the main "landing page" over on Channel9:  https://channel9.msdn.com/blueprints

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