Jam packed week ahead…Off-site, Gnomedex, and more

This week is looking to be quite a jam packed, event-filled, extravaganza!

First up is an internal review of one of the things I "really" do for a living will be discussed with one of our major stakeholders.

Then our whole group is off to the annual 2-day offsite to try to do the high-bandwidth-no-laptop communication thing.  First time I've done something like this inside Microsoft... should be an interesting time.

And the week ends up with the sold-out Gnomedex conference being held in downtown Seattle... can you think of anywhere else there would be a higher density of bloggers per-square-foot?

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  1. MaryWehmeier says:


    Hey Hon! Have a good time at Gnomedex. Noting like seeing two Iowan’s in one place at a time… especially if it’s a technology event! 😉

    Call sometime. The number’s the same, and the only difference on the email is that it’s at gmail.com

    Hugs from the past–

    Mary Lu

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