Rollin, rollin, rollin, keep them people rollin….

As anyone who's read this blog in the past 2 weeks knows... I'm moving!  I'm finally packed and ready to roll.   I'm driving from Mountain View to Seattle starting tomorrow morning at 6am and am planning on taking 3 days to make the ~900 mile trip.

Just for fun I got a new digital camera and plan to make it a photo tour as well so head on over to if you want to "ride along".

I expect to arrive in the Seattle area sometime early Sunday afternoon and, if my experience in Seattle is anything like it's been so far this year (I've made 5 trips I think) it will probably be better weather than we've been having in Silicon Valley!

Don't know if I'll have any wifi on the road and the battery in my laptop is acting very flakey so this may be the last post until I reach Washington but I'll try to upload the pictures as I go...can you say Starbucks... now if only I could find a list of all the Starbucks along Highway 101 from San Francisco to Seattle...

So it's so long from SoftwareLand Silicon Valley and onward to SoftwareLand Seattle!

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