iPAQ 6315 – R.I.P. (T-Mobile pulls PDA from shelves)


The news today (from Engadget) is that T-Mobile has pulled the HP iPAQ 6315 (PDA/Phone) from the shelves.  I was an early adopter of this device starting about 6 months ago.

I, after a while of searching, experimenting and tweaking, got mine to where I found it reasonably functional.  I loved the always-on-email but the phone was marginal and the camera was completely useless (it's "shutter speed" is so slow I couldn't take a picture unless I was resting it on a table!).

So I was a pretty happy camper until recently when it started crashing in the middle of important phone calls!  I mean "freezing" so that I had to "reboot" the phone and the caller thought I'd hung up on them!

So last weekend I went to the T-Mobile store and for $40 got a Samsung SGH-C225.  It's just a phone!  No camera, no email, it does do SMS but that's it!

And it works great!  I have signal everywhere (with the HP I was always dropping out) and I can talk with confidence!

However, now I have a $$$ brick that I wish I'd never bought and I don't have my always-on-email anymore 🙁

T-Mobile service, now that I can talk to people is great, costs a reasonable amount, and they're nice people....so here's hoping T-Mobile does the right thing by their customers and get some new PDA model and offers at least a trade-in for the 6315 so I can start getting my email again...and one more thing: MAKE SURE IT WORKS AS A PHONE!!!


Comments (6)

  1. Phil says:

    keep us informed. i dropped tmobile because of this phone. i still want compensation, just like you do. it’s funny, cause my story is about the same as your- i went through 3 replacements!

  2. Keith says:

    The 6315 is no longer on T-Mobile’s website!

  3. talan says:

    This one should never have been released. It’s slow, it crashes constantly. The wi-fi feature is almost useless and interferes with normal communication as it finds every wireless network out there, except one it can use. The phone works only about 40% of the time. What a waste!

  4. Thomas says:

    Same think here. As a PDA – it’s fine. As a phone, it sucks. So you say it has a camera? Mine freezes all the time – almost always when I either place or receive a call.
    <br>I’m considering a small claims suit to get my money back. Spent more $$ on high capacity battery and other periphs. I’m pissed

  5. Kevin says:

    There is a new software download for the 6315 that addressed several of the know issues.

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