The Yule Blog (or put another blog on the wire)

Time for the traditional Yule Blog!  Sitting here in front of a blazing fire (both literally and metaphorically) it’s time to appreciate 2005. . . It’s been quite a year here in SoftwareLand. . .(and over on the podcast as well!) In February the world took an orthogonal turn on all its axes and, by…

European Shareware Conference – Nov 5 & 6 – Brussels

In less than two weeks (November 3rd) I’m headed to Brussels, Belgium for the European Shareware Conference.  I expect that I’ll have RTM copies of the C# and VB.Net Shareware Starter Kit to give away (and they’ll also be available via MSDN) and, I’m hoping to have beta copies of the C++ edition of the…

WinFX in Silicon Valley (October 5th)

One of my fellow evangelists, Ben Riga, is going to be presenting WinFX at the SDForum Windows SIG meeting next week in Palo Alto. This was always one of my favorite user/developer groups when I lived in the valley and Ben is a great presenter so don’t miss it.  

PDC is over but the podcasts arent!

Today I’ll be posting 13 more podcasts that I did in the “Big Room” at PDC05. In retrospect it was quite an interesting process to see something like PDC “behind-the-scenes”.  Many people did a lot of hard work to make it easy for attendees and presenters alike.  In the new set of podcasts you’ll hear…

11 new podcasts on Channel9

I’ve done 11 interviews, mostly with PDC05 attendees, in the last 24 hours and they’re now all live on Channel9.  Enjoy!  

Get On The Buzzcast

As I mentioned just find me at PDC05 and you can get on the Buzzcast Here’s a picture of me in my Buzzcasting gear so you know who you’re looking for:   I look forward to meeting and talking to everyone!  


PDC05 Buzzcaster. . .Find me and get on the Buzzcast!

Arrived late last night and scouted out the LACC today. It’s going to be an absolutely awesome PDC05 I’ll be around the PDC keynotes, breakout sessions, BOFs, Ask-the-Experts and Track Lounges starting Tuesday morning through Friday morning in a bright green t-shirt emblazened with PDC05 Buzzcaster on the front-and-back. I would love to do a…

Hurricane Katrina – Take Action

Tonight when I got home from work I was once again struck by the extent of the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina and our response to it.  As a Microsoft person, and in particular a Microsoft person working on our PDC which starts next week, I’ve been “planning to do something” and I realized tonight…


PDC05 Buzzcast – T-6 – Thomas Lewis and David Romig

Buzzcast #13 (T-6 days) features Thomas Lewis and David Romig talking about TCSC’s .Net 2.0 based CSI support application.  Note: That’s CSI as in Crime Scene Investigation.