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UPDATE: The folks at Feedburner have updated their SmartCast feature and it is now possible, drop dead simple in fact, to PODCAST from SPACES!!!  All you have to do is include a link to an MP3 file (or WMA or AAC or...) and it will convert the first such link into an <enclosure> tag which makes it consumable by pod "catchers" such as Doppler, iPodder, etc.  Here's the RSS FEED for Podcasting From SoftwareLand.... In Space!

Well, not exactly in space, but in an MSN Space!

I've created a test blog over on MSN spaces ( and, so far, it's very cool.

I am so excited about the fact that I can post to it from my email client!

Since I have email both on my desktop, on the web (via Outlook Web Access) and on my HP iPaq 6315 PPC, I can now write blog posts from anywhere!

The "... In Space!" blog will not be "a work blog" and will most likely contain more personal information so if you're not interested in that sort of thing, keep it right here on the "Adventures" site.

And one more thing....

If, perchance, you've been hiding under the proverbial rock lately and have not heard about Podcasting, let me also plug my podcasting site over at Podcasting from SoftwareLand where you can hear me rant about all things software in various forms.

One thing I did try this morning, and while I made it work, it was not-ready-for-prime-time, was to try to combine MSN Spaces and's SmartCast service to see if I could use MSN spaces as a Podcasting site.  The Feedburner logic requires an additional tag (ref="enclosure") to be added to the hyperlink referencing the .mp3 file and MSN Spaces doesn't allow you to add attributes to the tags.  I was able to do it by using an alternate combo-WYSIWYG/HTML editor, writing the hyperlink by hand, switching to WYSIWYG mode and copying then pasting the link into the MSN Spaces editor but that's just more pain than I would expect a novice podcaster to endure.

What I'd really love is if there was a way to upload the .mp3 file to my space and have it automatically exposed as an enclosure in my RSS (syndication) feed or even have an ActiveX recorder built-in to the blog-creation page so that I could record the podcast post on-the-fly while I'm writing the blog entry.... now that would bring podcasting to the masses!

Anyway, give MSN Spaces a try, you'll like it!

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