Restaurants at the end of the Web…Part 3

OK, as promised, here’s the installment 3 of Restaurants at the end of the Web…


Scenario: You’re hungry so you go to an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT place that  says they have anything you ever really want to eat

Today, let’s look at the process we observe at The Consultancy Buffet. Going to TCB is like the way must consultants deliver software today. At TCB they’ll sell you anything you want as long it’s the kind of food they have, no substitutions please.

TCB’s Motto: We know what you want and we make it before you get here


  1. You are hungry for a particular meal
  2. TBC says they can combine prepared items and give you a meal close to the kind of food you want
  3. You select from a variety of previously prepared items
  4. No major substitutions are allowed.  Customization only by the addition of prepackaged things like ketchup packets.


BOTTOM LINE: You aren’t hungry any more but you have to convince yourself you’re happy!


As we can observe, not exactly the most delicious place to eat or work.  TCB's cooks are qualified but they aren't very imaginative because they don't have time to be. 


Often times it's not really cheaper to eat here but you do it anyway because it's easier than cooking for yourself and it's way more reliable than Irv's!


Update: To my (hopefully) loyal readers, I appologize for the incredibly bad editing job I did on the original version of this post!  It might actually make some sense now 🙂

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