And now for something completely different…

Well, I got what I wanted for Christmas this year… a brand spanking new startup to launch! I’m launching a new consultancy and product company… you can now find me at DreamTimeStudioZ. If you need Visual Studio Extensibility expertise or want to build an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad application, we can help! Monday, December 27th,…


Instant Feature Builder 1.1

I discovered a bug (missing code) related to the processing of item templates.  I’ve also updated the documentation for the Map describing how to use content:// links (such as used in the hyperlink to The Tools) to navigate within your documentation. This new version is posted to CodePlex and the Visual Studio Gallery entry has…


The Instant Feature Builder v1.0

I’ve been working on guided developer experiences at Microsoft for the past 6 years.  Beginning with helping Jack Greenfield and Keith Short deliver a full-day tutorial on Software Factories at OOPSLA 2004, cruising through Project Glidepath in 2005 and 2006, Software + Services Blueprints in 2007, Microsoft Blueprints in 2008 and finally the Feature Builder…


How to Rename a Feature Extension

When you create a Feature Extension, the name of the Feature Extension is calculated by copying the name you provide for the solution/project. This name is stored in multiple places within your Feature Builder solution as it is required by multiple components at both build and runtime (Extension Manager, MEF, etc). You can change the…


Patterns & Practices Symposium Early Bird Discount Expiring Tonight

Just in case you were thinking about attending the P&P Symposium, October 18th-22nd, here in Redmond, the Early Bird registration discount expires at midnight (Pacific Time) tonight, so you’ve got a little less than 8 hours! Register here.


Episode 2 of Behind The Curtain now live on Channel9

My new video podcast, Behind The Curtain, hosted on Channel9, is now sporting a brand new episode (#2). In this episode, I talk with Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Product Planner for P&P, about how we pick the topics for which P&P provides guidance and how you can contribute and influence those topics including connecting directly with Ajoy…


P&P Symposium – Still two weeks left for Early Bird Discount!

Every fall patterns & practices team hosts an annual p&p event at Microsoft Redmond Campus. This year’s event called “p&p Symposium” is being held Oct 18th-22nd 2010. This year’s event has got a new name and a new price (it’s only $699 before Aug 31st and $999 after that) among many other exciting new improvements….


Behind The Curtain – Episode #1 now live on Channel9

Welcome one-and-all to my latest podcast series:  Behind The Curtain – tips, tricks and insights from Patterns & Practices @ Microsoft. In this video podcast, I’ll be pulling back the curtain on the architects, developers, designers, program managers, testers and content authors who create the guidance and code which is used by hundreds of thousands…


Feature Builder 1.0 Released!

I am very happy to announce the Feature Builder Power Tool for Visual Studio 2010 v1.0 is now live on the Visual Studio Gallery. Please visit for more information and links to the download. Note: While all the information on Channel9 is valid, there have been many additional features added since the videos were…