Silverlight for Symbian – Bing Application

Over next few weeks we’ll be releasing several of our test applications that work beautifully on Silverlight for Symbian. In the meantime, you can try Bing Application ( that works on Nokia devices like N97, N97 Mini, 5800 etc. i.e. S60 5th edition devices. Below is the screenshot Silverlight for Symbian Team


Silverlight for Symbian – Now on Nokia Beta Labs

Silverlight for Symbian is now available on Nokia Beta Labs ( for download. If you’re a die hard Nokia fan and love to try out the latest and greatest from Nokia than you’ve come to right place. We hope that Silverlight for Symbian will experience enhancing. Keep your feedback, love, comments, flowers & brickbats coming. This…


Announcing Silverlight for Symbian – Beta

We are pleased to announce the public availability of Microsoft Silverlight for Symbian – Beta. Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform implementation of the .NET Framework for creating media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web on desktop computers and mobile phones. Silverlight beta contains an installer for Symbian ^1 (S60 5th edition) devices and developer…


Office Move!

Who likes to move? Its painful and not very exciting most of the time. Well, entire IDC is moving to building #3 within the campus. Many people are excited but I’m not. I’ve one of the best views from my cube and I know for sure that I’m not getting any kind of view from…


Accelerate your Mobile App Development with WM LOB Accelerator 2008

This is exciting news for Smart Device developers. Now you can use Windows Mobile Line of Business Accelarator 2008 to learn and develop great applications for Windows Mobile Phone. The accelerator presents the best of the development techniques and highlights the cool new features that we shipped in Visual Studio 2008, .NET Compat Framework v3.5…


CTP of Sync Services for Devices Available

This was one of the most important features that we just couldn’t get done in time for Orcas. VSD team along with Sync team continued the journey and today we’re proud to announce the 1st CTP download of Sync Services for Devices. Download the bits from here. Post your questions on MSDN Forum here. The…


VS2008 Smart Device Project Conversion Scenarios

This post summarizes the various combinations of project conversion scenarios when a VS2005 Smart Device project is opened inside VS2008.   1.       When a user opens a VS2005 project inside VS2008 Visual Studio Conversion wizard is automatically launched. 2.       User is presented with below messages on what will be converted. Items marked in Yellow are…


Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 Available!

Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 is available for download from So, what’s new in Visual Studio 2008 for device developers? Unit Testing for Devices – You can write your smart device managed application, generate unit tests using wizard, implement your testing logic and run them on device/emulator using various different configurations and simulate real world behaviour….


VSD Team Signsoff on Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 – Literally

Visual Studio for devices team officially signsoff on Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 literally. Amit and Anand, two of our Program Managers did the honour for the team. (Above: Anand looks on while Amit is busy signing) Manav  


Step-by-Step guide to writing Smart Device Data Synchronization App

I am often asked this question “I’m a Smart Device developer, I want to write a data application and I need to synchronize my data with my back-end SQL server – how do I do this?” There is no single answer to this question. There are several techniques that can be employed today a) RDA…