System.Xml Beta 2 Changes

Dare and I compiled the Upcoming Changes to System.Xml in .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2 which he published on the MSDN XML developer center. Mostly my previous article still stands without the #6 and #3 gone. However as a result of implementing the editablable XPathNavigator over the XmlDocument class this has forced us to re-address performance…

Win-Dev 2004 talks on XQuery in SQL Server and System.Xml V2.0

I am doing two talks at the Win-Dev 2004 Conference on the Web Services track and the Databases and Data Access so if you are going to the conference or live in the Boston area and want to meet up to have a chat, drop me a mail. The talks are; WS6 – Whidbey System.XmlMark Fussell Microsoft’s System.Xml proved to…


Building Custom XmlResolvers Article on MSDN XML Developer Center

In between re-writing and updating the chapters for the beta version of the my book A First Look at ADO.NET and System.Xml V2.0, I found some time to write an article on Building Custom XmlResolvers for MSDN. What’s so great about this class is that it enables you to redirect the location of the XML that you want…


TechEd 2004 XML Talk Slides

I have finally posted the slides and sample code for my TechEd 2004 talk on XML in the .NET framework. The samples require a copy of Visual Studio 2005 (i.e. the community drop distributed at TechEd) in order to compile and run.


Article on the XML Support in SQL Server 2005

I worked with Shankar to write this article on the XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 which has just been published on the MSDN XML Developer Center. I would be very interested in comments on how you see an application need for storing XML content in a relational database along with querying and working with this data. E.g….


XSLT 2.0 Sir?

One questions that I am getting more frequently is “Will the next release of System.Xml V2.0 support XSLT 2.0?”. The answer is “No”. It’s not that we do not love XSLT (see [1] and [2] below), in fact it has proven itself to be both a powerful and adaptable language, but a challenger has risen in the form of…


XPathReader Article on MSDN

This is now been published on the MSDN XML developer center as I mentioned in an earlier post. A very useful component. The main points to remember about its usage are; It is a streaming XmlReader implementation. That is why the XPath subset is limited. There is no intelligent caching or bookmarking to walk back up…


TechEd presence and a chance to get your opinions voiced.

I am attending both TechEd USA and TechEd Europe and presenting a couple of sessions. DAT379 is very much a “Here’s what is in my XML toolbox today and this is how is gets better in Visual Studio 2005“. Plenty of tears of joy and happiness. Bring along those nasty working with XML questions and I…


Schema For DataSet Attributes

If you have spent anytime serializing the .NET System.Data.DataSet class structure to file then you will know that this is serialized as an XML Schema. You may have noticed that it also writes attributes from a target namespace “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-msdata“. Although the .NET documentation details when these are written depending on what aspects of the DataSet…


XmlNameTable Revisited

After my post on the XmlNameTable: The Shiftstick of System.Xml I thought that I would follow it up with a second one to discuss it in greater detail as a result of the feedback comments. The XmlNameTable is an internal piece of implementation exposed on the System.Xml APIs which is why I drew parallels to it being…