System.Xml v2 Articles posted by Alex Homer

Alex has written two good overview articles on System.Xml in .NET v2.0 – part 1 on the XmlReader and part 2 on the XmlWriter.


.NET 2.0 XML Perf Comparison with Sun

As presented in my article on System.Xml Beta 1 (which was effectively re-written into the Beta 2 version of my System.Xml book) the #1 feature in the .NET 2.0 release for System.Xml was performance. In the past Sun has come out bashing the XML performance support in .NET 1.1 which I wrote about here. Now all…


ADO.NET and System.Xml v. 2.0–The Beta Version (2nd Edition) now Published

In time for the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 and .NET v2.0 Beta 2 release, the updated version of my ADO.NET and System.Xml book has now been published. See this book list for more information and where to download the code examples from. Alternatively just buy a copy so that I can feed my children and bribe my wife…


Combining the XmlReader and XmlWriter classes for simple streaming transformations

The XmlReader and XmlWriter classes can often be combined to provide simple streaming transformations rather than resorting to XSLT which requires a the document to be loaded into memory. This class combination is often faster and uses less memory, although it requires more code and is less flexible in the types of transformations possible. However…


System.Xml V2 book – C’est Fini

I finished reviewing the final versions of my chapters for the ADO.NET and System.Xml v 2.0 book which was a huge relief. Having read through it numerous times you start to get numb to your writing style. Needless to say the chapters where all re-written from scratch with completely new content throughout with my favorite being chapter 9, simply because I was closest to the…


Binary XML: A Stillborn Spec.

I read with continued dismay another article about binary XML and the bizarre Fast Infoset project. Tim Bray must be crying in bed at night over Sun’s continued persistence that ASN.1 should have been the data interchange format for the world. It lost, XML won and XML works. Go and solve other more useful problems. You only have to…


System.Xml V2 Decisions

Arpan has posted on some of the reasons for XmlDocument being the main XML store in System.Xml and the difficulty of supporting standards that are not yet at a recommendation status. Ironically I now find myself in the alternate universe to this where WS-* specifications seem to pop in and out of existence on a…


Beta Book Pain, Performance Love

Writing books on beta products is probably the most painful thing that you can ever endure even if you are in the product team (or was as in my case). I finally finished up the last XML chapter in the beta version of ADO.NET and System.Xml V2. It is a vast brain dump of the delta between…


Using the XmlSecureResolver to restrict access to web sites

Having just written an article on XmlResolver and looked through the MSDN docs I realised that there was little in terms of explanation on how to use the XmlSecureResolver. As always code speaks volumes sIo put together this example which shows how the XmlSecureResolver can be used to restrict access to specific web sites. The…