Data Access ROX. An article on the Data Access Support in “Whidbey”

I wrote this article on the Data Access Support in Visual Studio.NET code named “Whidbey” in order to provide and overall positioning paper to describe the data access technologies introduced at the PDC. It describes the strenghs and the primary target scenarios for each data acces technology that has been incorporated into ADO.NET – Relational, Objects and XML. It…


XML Support in “Whidbey”

Now that I have finally made it back home and got through most of my mail, I thought I would give an overview of the PDC. Drew provided a great overview of my talk capturing details such as the demise of the XmlDocument (DOM) in preference to the XPathDocument. This is in effect a “finishing off”…


PDC acronym counting

Now that I have been offiically hyped ready for PDC at the speakers briefing, I declare the top acronymn for this years PDC is SOA, whereas 3 years ago it was XML. Each time a speaker says “SOA”, attendees should take a swig of water, or some other beverage, and whoop loudly. For real die hards, go to…


XQuery BOF is ON

Christoph Schittko got his XQuery BOF approved for PDC! Excellent news. Now we can have a big discussion on what XQuery is and is not useful for. Come with plenty of questions and issues.


“Whidbey” Publishers Summit

I talked about the XML support in VS.NET “Whidbey” at a publishers summit hosted here in Redmond yesterday, which prompted some good feedback. Now that I have been caught up in the machinery of publishing it amazes me how much effort it takes to generate a book through authoring, editing and marketing. There are supposedly around…


My life’s work

Alex Homer sent me a mail a couple of nights ago indicating that our book that we have been writing, has finally seen the light of day – A First Look at ADO.NET and System.Xml V2. Since my last foray into writing was a single chapter in an XQuery book that disappeared into obscurity as fast as…


PDC forced me to do this

The PDC is now less than two months away and since system.xml has had a significant number of features added I decided that it was time to kick start a blog. I have worked on System.Xml for just over 3 years now and along with Chris Lovett was the PM who helped design the V1…