Greatest people voted for by their nation

Four lists to compare of the greatest people voted for by their nation. I will let you interpret the national differences based upon these choices.   Top 10 greatest Britons 1. Churchill 2. Brunel 3. Diana 4. Darwin 5. Shakespeare 6. Newton 7. Lennon 8. Elizabeth I 9. Nelson 10. Cromwell    Top 10 greatest…


Re-living my youth

Back in the heady days of 1977 I caught a train down to Brighton on the south coast of England and went to see Star Wars at the Odeon cinema on the sea front. As did many, I came out transfixed by the effects, story and characterisation and proceeded to buy tons of the 3.5”…


VSLive SF and WSE

I will be at VSLive in SF arriving on Sunday evening to give two short 30 minute talks on WSE 2.0. The first is on security and the other on the WSE messaging APIs that enable you to use TCP and alternative messaging patterns that are not simply HTTP request response. These are the times; Monday,…


Smart Watch Frustration – A Christmas tale of woe

I must by cursed to never have a working Smart watch. I seem to part of an insanity experiment. Here is the history of my experience for your enjoyment at Christmas time. My sad tale of woe. I wander into the company store and excitedly purchase a Fossil FX-3001 at the end of Dec 2003….


Building my Christmas present.

A couple of months ago my wife asked me whether she could listen to her favourite internet radio station on the HiFi stereo system that we have in our living room, rather than having to have the speakers on the PC in the office turned up to maximum volume. This is a UK radio station…


First Solo Sail

I did my first solo sail on the waters of lake Union in Seattle yesterday. It reminder me of the time when I took my dad’s car out for the first time after having passed my driving test eons ago. All you concentrated on was not slamming into anyone else and mentally shifting gears, or…


Life now as the WSE Program Manager

With much of the work done for version 2.0 of System.Xml and with Dare’s departure from the XML team to MSN, I decided that it was also time for me to look for new adventures. I have taken the job as the WSE Program Manager left vacant by Keith Ballinger’s departure. Having spent 4.5 years…


The end comes swift

Our bearded dragon lizard died suddenly on Saturday. We had been caring for him plenty over the last month, taking him to the vet for tests (he was pronounced healthy which was odd really), changing his environment, enticing him with as many delicious foods as possible and all the time giving him water to drink on…


Samurai Jack Episodes 49-52

For those connoisseurs of the greatest cartoon of all time living in the USA, the next four episodes of Samurai Jack are being broadcast this Saturday, the 25th September on Cartoon Network. Episode 50 looks particulary enthralling. This list is taken from                             Original  Episode #      Prod #     Air Date   Episode Title_____ ______ ____________…


Samurai Jack Heaven

I have just ordered Samurai Jack Season 1 DVD from the great virtual shop and seeing that this has a sales rank of 74, with every review at five stars reviews you can see why. A cult classic that I will inflict on everyone to the point of tears. Now I just have to somehow design this into…