More on Dublin and Windows Server.

Here are a links to a couple of videos about Dublin. 

Ron Jacobs has posted a video of a Dublin PDC Hands on Labs (HOL) on Endpoint TV here. This provides an introduction to deploying WCF and WF applications to Dublin, managing .NET workflows running on the server and showing some of the configuration support. This is a good first intro and of course there are many other features that I will cover in blog entries over the next few weeks.

Need more on Dublin? John Bristowe and the esteemed Canadian crew, pulled some of the product team together (myself, Miguel Susffalich and John Taylor) for an impromtu interview here at PDC on what Dublin provides for developers and why you should be interested in its capabilites if you currently develop, or plan to develop, WCF and WF applications and put them into production within your company.

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