Back up for air at PDC2008 with Dublin

I haven't written in my blog for a long time, well over two years. Sometimes you just loose the momentum! Now I am at PDC which is like a big school reunion and better still can talk about the product that I have been working on for the last two years, Dublin. Dublin is the set of server capabilities to make Windows a server for WCF and WF applications and integrated into the Application Server role in Windows Server.

Ok, so what does Dublin do for me? In the same way the the Visual Studio Expressions suite crossed the web designer to the developer divide, by allowing these two roles to be closely integrated, Dublin crosses the developer to the IT pro divide by enabling apps created by developers to be handed off to IT managers, who then have a common set of tools to manage these WCF and WF business apps. Dublin provides a configured hosting environment with databases for persistence state and tracking, enterprise services for reliability, scale-out and monitoring, along with a set of tools integrated into IIS Manager that enable you to manage your WCF and WF applications.I will post some screen shots and go more in depth to the feature set that Dublin provides over the next fews days.

So if you are around at PDC, come and find me under the big Dublin balloon for some tech talk.

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