Web Service Security Patterns and Practices

The PAG guys (Jason Hogg, Don Smith) have been getting some great WSE 3.0 Security content together. I suggest that you download this and spend some time with it. It will all carry you through to WCF, so this is long term knowledge on message level security.  


What next?

Now that I have shipped WSE 3.0, a year to the day that I started on the project, a number of people have asked me, “What’s next to fill the empty WSE void?” Well, WSE has always been very closely aligned with the security team in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF aka Indigo), so that is the…

WSE 3.0 and MSDN TV

I did this MSDN TV piece on WSE 3.0. Enjoy.

WSE 3.0 Docs now on MSDN

You can find them here. There is always more information that we would like to have in the documentation and so we are expecting to do a WSE 3.0 documentation refresh on MSDN at the start of December. Hence if you want the latest information it is usually best to look online.

Final Version of WSE 3.0 Released to MSDN

WSE 3.0 has just been released to MSDN to coincide with the launch of Visual Studio 2005. You can find it here. The Readme is here It was pretty tough getting this released to be on the same day, but we really wanted to ensure that the time difference between WSE 3.0 and VS2005 was…