What’s New in WSE 3.0 MSDN Article

I have written an article on What is New for WSE 3.0 which has now been posted on the Web Services Developer Center. This is written against the June CTP release so functionality will change before final RTM at the end of the year. Over the next few months I will post short snippets of interest on aspects of WSE 3.0 and as always it would be good to hear your opinions. The next CTP is scheduled for mid July, with a Beta 1 release in August.

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  1. Pedro Felix says:

    Is WSE or Indigo going to support the WS-Policy (2004 version) framework and WS-SecurityPolicy assertions? Can I write a policy file using those specs and feed WSE with it? Is there going to exist a way to automatically translate the "higher level policies" (turnpike cenarios) into interoperable (WS-*Policy) formats?

  2. Link Listing – June 26, 2005

  3. Mark Fussell says:

    To answer Pedro – I cover this to an extent in the WSE 3.0 article, by indicating the WSE 3.0 will not support WS-Policy 2004 version, largely because this only makes sense if you also support WS-MEX. Due to this dependency, the timeframe WSE 3.0 is targetted for and the current state of the WS-Policy spec in the standards process, it just did not fit for the WSE 3.0 release.

    However, through the extensibility of WSE 3.0 Policy Assertions, there is little stopping you from achieving this by implementing a different serialization format for the existing WSE 3.0 policy and providing a "WS-policy intelligent" GetDescription() implementation that returns a WSDL with the serialized WS-policy dependent on how your Web Service was configured with WSE 3.0 policy. Certainly this would be an interesting project for WSE 3.0.

    To answer your question, no, however this is possible through WSE 3.0 extensibility

    – Mark

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