Win-Dev 2004 talks on XQuery in SQL Server and System.Xml V2.0

I am doing two talks at the Win-Dev 2004 Conference on the Web Services track and the Databases and Data Access so if you are going to the conference or live in the Boston area and want to meet up to have a chat, drop me a mail. The talks are;

WS6 - Whidbey System.Xml
Mark Fussell

Microsoft's System.Xml proved to be revolutionary for working with XML in a variety of different ways. This innovation has continued in the new Whidbey release with various enhancements and new features that simplify development and increase flexibility. This session will introduce you to the various improvements found in Whidbey's System.Xml.

D4 - XQuery in SQL Server 2005 and System.Xml
Mark Fussell

XML brings with it some powerful query languages for dealing with the hierarchical format that it typical of an XML document. The newest and richest query language is known as XQuery. This talk provides an overview of the XQuery language and explores XQuery functions and XQuery DML inside SQL Server 2005. It also details the XQuery support in the .NET Framework as part of System.Xml namespace that enables the querying of XML sources stored outside of the database such as locally stored files or XML received via webservices. By combining queries over SQL Server 2005 and other XML sources XQuery can be used as a data integration language.


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  1. So does your abstract suggest that XQuery will be in the next version of System.Xml? Rumor had it that XQuery would not be supported in v2.0, but available in SQL Server 2005…


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