Samurai Jack season continues

    Cartoon Network are still rolling new episodes of Samurai Jack at 7:30 PT. 
    Episode XLIV (on Wednesday, Nov 12) was a classic. The Princess and the Bounty
    Hunters. A group of Bounty Hunters gather together to capture the Jack - as if. Reminisant
    of Star Wars!

    This Wednesday (Nov 19) Episode XLVII - Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess is
    aired. A Flying Prince and Princess crash land on earth and into Aku's lair. When
    Jack sees them being captured, he goes to save them.

    And then for a true thriller on Monday ( Nov 24) Episode XLVIII - Jack vs. Aku.
    All the bounty hunters, robots etc have failed to defeat Jack. Aku has no other choice
    but to fight Jack himself. The suspense is just killing me. This should be a classic.

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