The joy is undescribable as England beat Australia in Australia in the Rugby World Cup Final

ENGLAND WINS RUGBY WORLD CUP 2003 A Jonny Wilkinson drop-goal in the final minute of extra time secured the first ever Rugby World Cup win for England 20-17 over the Wallabies, in a pulsating Final at Telstra Stadium in Sydney last night. After being the focus of attention for practically the entire tournament, Wilkinson –…


Samurai Jack makes me want to fight

If you need some inspiration then how about listening to the theme tune to Samuari Jack.


Dan Wahlin does it again

The ever prolific Dan has written a great article on the XML data access support in “Whidbey”. To supplement this you can also read the first introduction chapter from my book on ADO.NET and System.Xml, although it looks like that because I am not yet a “Software Legend”, unlike Dave an Al,  I have been shunned…


Data Access ROX. An article on the Data Access Support in “Whidbey”

I wrote this article on the Data Access Support in Visual Studio.NET code named “Whidbey” in order to provide and overall positioning paper to describe the data access technologies introduced at the PDC. It describes the strenghs and the primary target scenarios for each data acces technology that has been incorporated into ADO.NET – Relational, Objects and XML. It…


Samurai Jack season continues

Cartoon Network are still rolling new episodes of Samurai Jack at 7:30 PT.  Episode XLIV (on Wednesday, Nov 12) was a classic. The Princess and the Bounty Hunters. A group of Bounty Hunters gather together to capture the Jack – as if. Reminisant of Star Wars! This Wednesday (Nov 19) Episode XLVII – Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess…


Performance and XML

Now that .NET is moving from an application platform into the OS, performance if critical to development in managed code. In the XML team we take perf very seriously. If you ever have reason to complain on perf in System.Xml post an entry on the microsoft.public.dotnet.xml newsgroup and it will be given a high priority status. If XML is…


Ode to the XML DOM

The XML DOM is dead. Long live the DOM. Dearest DOM, it is with little remorse, to see that your API has run its course. You expose your nodes naked and bare, with no chance of any optimizations there. Your (cough) data model is just to complex, and causes developers to vex over how to…


XML Support in “Whidbey”

Now that I have finally made it back home and got through most of my mail, I thought I would give an overview of the PDC. Drew provided a great overview of my talk capturing details such as the demise of the XmlDocument (DOM) in preference to the XPathDocument. This is in effect a “finishing off”…