My life’s work

Alex Homer sent me a mail a couple
of nights ago indicating that our book that we have been writing, has finally seen
the light of day - A First Look at
ADO.NET and System.Xml V2
. Since my last foray into writing was a single
chapter in an XQuery book
that disappeared into obscurity as fast as a W3C XQuery draft, I was not prepared
for the agony this entailed.  The proceeds from the sale of the book will go
to "paying my wife off" and clothing my four children. Then I will blow what's left
on a good bottle of 1999 Valpolicella and some Stilton cheese. I wrote this book
to get some decent documentation into the hands of early adopters ready
for the PDC, so if you want
to express an opinion I
would like to know what can be improved about it. Expect a future even
more detailed version to emerge.

Comments (3)

  1. Ron Green says:

    Not complete obscurity. There’s a copy on my bookshelf. 😉

  2. Dan Maharry says:

    Early Adopter XQuery was just a little too far ahead of the bleeding edge is all. I did think about rewriting it the other day now there seems to be some XQuery in Sytem.XML 2 as well. Fancy another crack at it Mark?

  3. Andrew Watt says:

    Early Adopter XQuery is still on my bookshelf too. As I said to Kurt Cagle a long time ago Early Adopter XQuery was useful in helping to produce those "Oh I see" moments. That is a worthwhile achievement.

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