More on Dublin and Windows Server.

Here are a links to a couple of videos about Dublin.  Ron Jacobs has posted a video of a Dublin PDC Hands on Labs (HOL) on Endpoint TV here. This provides an introduction to deploying WCF and WF applications to Dublin, managing .NET workflows running on the server and showing some of the configuration support….


Back up for air at PDC2008 with Dublin

I haven’t written in my blog for a long time, well over two years. Sometimes you just loose the momentum! Now I am at PDC which is like a big school reunion and better still can talk about the product that I have been working on for the last two years, Dublin. Dublin is the…


Car Anti-Innovation

Here is an interesting fact that I read in the latest edition of the BBC Wildlife magazine which I thought summed up the car industry’s attitude to fuel. “US cars average 20.8 mpg. The Model T Ford managed 25mpg, the Ford Explorer SUV does 16mpg”. That’s nearly 100 years of innovation! But, I can remotely…


So you want to learn WSE 3.0? A short primer on how and where to start.

A question that I often get asked is – How do I get started learning about WSE 3.0 and what considerations need to be made when building secure Web services?   So I have put together some essential steps to help get you started on the road with WSE 3.0 along with some estimated times. I have…


MapCruncher – A seriously cool map mashup creation tool

I went to a talk today on the newly released MapCuncher tool and was awed by its capabilities and posibilities. In a nutshell this tools enable you to take any map (PDF, bitmap etc), load up MSN Virtual Earth and then plot points between the two. After a minimum of 5-10 points it can nearly perfectly…


WSE 3.0 in June 2006 MSDN Magazine

Great to see Aaron continuing to give WSE 3.0 love in his Service Station column. Now I just have to finish my “WCF for WSE Developers” article which keeps looking back at me half finished from my desk as a pile of scribbled notes. Currently I am attempting to churn out the security conceptual documentation for…


Biztalk WSE 3.0 Adapter Ships

Jesus Rodriguez with Two Connect has filled the last gaping need for WSE 3.0 by delivering a Biztalk 2006 adapter which you can get here. We did a webcast together with Jesus doing a bunch of great demos to show off its capabilities. You can watch the webcast here. The feature that has saved me many times with…


WCF Loves ATLAS and the Windows Live Development Center

Two great pieces of Web development were announced today. Steve posted his work on getting WCF and the ATLAS development environment aligned. The significance of this is that it shows the spectrum of capabilities of WCF from simple REST services, through AJAX supoprt to the feature rich WS-* protocols. Expect WCF to be the fundamental plumbing in…


WSE 3.0 – Kerberos, Secure Conversation and Stateful SCTs

I thought that I would publish some discussion threads on WSE issues that I have had recently that highlight some common questions. A recent discussion question was this; Question: “I need advice with WSE 3.0 and implementing a web service that requires a Kerberos token. It seems that my simple web service and Windows client should be straight-forward…


New WSE 3.0 Content

Plenty of content continues to get produced for WSE 3.0. Working with Ron Jacobs and Don Smith we produced some ARCasts on WSE and X509 certs that you can be listen to here. All of Ron’s ARCasts make avid listening to, especially in the car on the way to work (download and burn onto a…