SQL–More memory and CPU is not always a win

All computer programs will run better when adding more memory and CPU cycles – right?  Not necessarily true. Assuming everything else is equal, then more memory and CPU will be a win; however, all computer systems have finite resources, also memory and CPU. Granting more to one program (or service), will take it away somewhere…


Damgaard Data turns 30 this month

<nostalgia> Version 2 just published a nice article about Damgaard Data – the company behind DanMax, C4, C5, XAL and Axapta. You can read it here: In Danish and in English </nostalgia>


Trace Parser: NULL::inner–explained

If you have analyzed AX traces in the Trace Parser, you most likely came across something like this during your efforts: First time I saw it, I was puzzled – an object named “NULL” with a method named “inner”, I’ve never heard of that before – what is it? I started asking around, no one…


Garbage Collection and RPC calls in X++

Dynamics AX is a 3-tier application that evolved from a 2-tier application.  Yes, this is right, the first versions of Axapta was solely a client side application communicating with the database. In version 2.0 the middle tier was introduced. The X++ language got a few new keywords, client and server, and the AX run-time provided…


10,000 feet overview of Dynamics AX Inventory Cost Management

The past few years I’ve ventured into the SCM code base of AX, and I most admit I found the physical operations easier to comprehend than their financial counterparts. Perhaps it is just the terminology, or perhaps its because I’m “just” an engineer. At any rate I discovered I’m not the only one struggling –…


X++ Debugging Tips and Tricks #4 – Reading uncommitted data

  This next trick in the X++ Debugging Tip and Tricks series is invaluable when stuck deep in a debugging session, and want to verify that the SQL statements being executed has the intended behavior. For illustrative purposes, I’ve created a small job. It updates the customer group to “40” for the customer with account number…


X++ Pedal To The Metal

This is a post I’ve been waiting to write for quite a while – but it had to wait until R3 became available. The SysExtension framework offers some great capabilities, but unfortunately it also comes with a performance penalty (in R2). A while ago I set out to understand where the time was spent, and…


Dynamics AX R3 is here, on-prem and in the cloud!

For business and IT leaders in today’s digitally-connected world who want to deliver amazing customer experiences, your solution – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – is now available in 36 countries! Brand new modules: Call center, Transportation Management and Warehouse Management – and new and improved capabilities in General Ledger, Inventory costing, Master planning, Procurement and…


Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Launch Events

It is today! Make sure to join the online Launch Event. Session 1: 11:00 AM SGT (Asia: GMT +8) Session 2: 15:00 GMT/16:00 CET (Europe) Session 3: 12:00 PM CDT (North America: GMT -6)   Read more here.


Microsoft Dynamics AX WMS/TMS Workshop

Today and tomorrow the SCM team from the Microsoft Dynamics AX R&D division is hosting a workshop on the upcoming Warehouse and Transportation management functionality in Dynamics AX 2012 R3. 140 partners and customers are gather from over 80 different companies at DGI Byen in Copenhagen. We have 2 busy days ahead of us with…