Version control for everyone

With Dynamics AX 5.0 there is no longer an excuse for not using a source control system when developing in MorphX. The version control integration options in Dynamics AX 5.0 both cater to larger development organizations by seamlessly integrating with Visual Source Safe and Team Foundation Server, and to smaller development teams who cannot afford…


Dynamics AX 4.0 Meta Model

If you are a new developer and is trying to ramp up on AX, this might be a post for you. In MorphX (the IDE for AX) you do model-driven development. This basically means you create new elements of certain concepts, decorate them with properties, and wire them all together. Naturally there will be requirements…


Late night discussion on software development #1: Continuous publishing

“So tell me”, I start, “when was the last time you used a help system?” Søren pours himself another glass of red wine and leans back in his armchair. He is silent for a while. “What do you mean when you say help system?” I open my mouth, and close it again. It always amazes…


Going to Copenhagen?

With the first Convergence on Danish ground just a few weeks away, you may be planning your trip to Copenhagen these days. While I have no intentions of opening a traveling agency, I do hope you will have a pleasant stay in the city where I was born, and have lived my entire life. Often while…


New AX Developer Topics on MSDN

I just received the following great news of progress from our Content Publishing team. Make sure to check it out:  The SDK team publishes updates to the existing Developer Documentation every month. Since the release of Dynamics AX4.0, they have added over 5,500 new topics to the online help available on MSDN. These new topics…


AX Developer Center on MSDN

AX Developer Center on MSDN has been live for a while now.     We have added a few redirects to make the site more accessible: If you are looking for developer documentation on AX and haven’t visited this site yet, you are doing a disservice to yourself!


Compiler warnings – and so what?

Every so often I find myself in a heated debate on what the quality bar should be for the code in the solution we are working on. This is an important debate, and for the project’s success it should not be down prioritized. The quality bar may vary from project to project: If you are…


Articles on X++ development

While digging in my archives to service a request from a co-worker I stumbled across a few articles I wrote for Damgaard Technet. Those that are still valid, I’ve polished a bit and made available here. Behavioral information messages How to use a form tree control Delaying method calls The user friendly Infolog Showing operation…


Behavioral information messages

A concept for displaying behavioral information messages exists in Dynamics AX. A behavioral information messages is a context sensitive message informing the user about a better way of performing an action or about how to perform a not obvious but often used task. Introduction Situations may occur where the user is performing a perfectly legal…


New blog from the X++ compiler team

Make sure to check it out: They already got a cool post on how to implement the observer pattern in X++.