Technical Conference – Wrapping up

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2012 is coming to an end. Over 1100 attendees, 75 break-out sessions and tons of networking have happened in Bellevue.

RobertBadawyThe venue of this third conference has been perfect, large and roomy, great equipment for presenters, skillful and helpful staff and short queues for meals.  Ok, there has been a few minor glitches, some of the sessions were full, but the venue had room for repeats, which were readily scheduled. The first session I attended today was a repeat of the Development Life Cycle and Model Store Management – a topic close to my heart. Senior Program Manager Robert Badawy walked us through the best practices for the process when using TFS and managing the model store. At the last 2 technical conferences we presented a conceptual overview of the new model store capabilities, this prompted several questions, that were left unanswered until now. Robert’s session answered these questions and even better announced availability of white papers containing all the information. Here are the links to the white papers: Deploying Customizations Across Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Environments, Change management and TFS integration for multi developer projects and Developing solutions in a shared AOS environment. Petur Chief Architect Snaeland from ToIncrease commented on the session during the Q&A: “This session has been worth the entire conference.” I couldn’t have put it better – well  done, Robert!

SverreThuneThe next session I attended was Sverre Thune’s presentation of the Product Configurator. A session full of Norwegian charm, warmth, and humor – and great demos. Sverre showed the fundamentals of the Product Configurator – which is based on the Solver that Peter Villadsen showed yesterday – he showed how attributes and constraints are added, and how the constraints are automatically (and instantly) applied when a product is sold – this results in both a BOM and a Route being created so the product and be produced according to the user’s selections. Sverre showed the additions in R2 in the Product Configurator including how attributes could be hidden based on a condition – to not clutter the configuration experience, and how the Configuration form is now a regular MorphX form and can be customized and personalized as any other form. Sverre received a well deserved applause after showing the API capabilities added. It is now possible to create a class that can get/set attributes when the product has been configured. This is based on the SysExtension framework – one of my favorite application frameworks in AX. The Product Configuration creates an instance of the right class based on the class’s attributes – this allows for truly non-intrusive extensions that can easily customize how a product in configured.

Have a safe pleasant travel home.

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  1. Sverre Thune says:

    Thank you for the positive feedback Michael.

    One point I would like to make in relation to the API capabilities is that we GET attribute values in order to SET BOM-line, Route operation and SourceDocument line properties.

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