Technical Conference Day 2

The second day of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Technical Conference is coming to an end. The over 1100 attendees have been treated to yet another day of amazing sessions and tons of information. The phrase “drinking from a fire-horse” seems applicable.

EhrenbergThe day kicked off with a key note from General Manager Sri Srinivasan. One of the announcements was the availability of Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CTP on InformationSource – it is now ready for download. Tao Wang joined Sri on stage and presented the new Application Life Cycle (ALM) tool box, including a cloud service where you can upload your model files and have them analyzed for various issues and metrics. Technical Fellow Mike Ehrenberg took the stage after Sri, and gave an inspiring and promising talk of the future of Microsoft, starting this week with Windows 8 and Surface – and how the Dynamics products will become the fabric that units the innovations from across the Microsoft division to deliver an outstanding experience for professional users.

PVAfter the key note I headed directly to the largest break-session room 405. Here Peter Villadsen, Principal Program Manager on the X++ team was going to “push the envelope”. I needed to see that – and so did about 300 others. Peter is always great on stage, and he always comes with a lot of interesting demos. Today Peter showed the AX LINQ Provider, allowing you to query AX data via LINQ from C#. This feature fills a gap in our managed story – now you have access to both X++ classes (via proxies) and AX data. Peter then moved into talking about the Solver that is a component shipping with AX. With this you can solve a great deal of otherwise very hard problems. For example the Traveling Sales Man problem. (What is the shortest route to visit N cities once and return home?). Peter showed how fast such problems can be solve with the Solver (5 ms) and of course Peter showed the route on a Bing map hosted on an AX from using the WPF host control. This is just one of the problems the Solver can solve, almost anything that can be expressed mathematically can be solved (at least if it has a solution). Finally Peter showcased the Code Upgrade Tool build on XLNT (X++ Language Toolkit) allowing to generate Abstract Syntax Trees for X++ and write reliable rules to analyze and refactor X++ code.   Thanks for a great session Peter!

AndersSenior Program Manager Anders Even Girke was hosting the next session I attended. For some reason Anders’ session was in a smaller room that could fit 150 – and it was packed. The session covered Inventory Valuation. In a session full of demos Anders showed the new Moving Average costing model. This is a perpetual costing model based on the average principle, where cost of an issue transaction does not change once posted. Any Invoice price difference is proportionally expensed to P&L in case On-hand inventory is not matching the invoice quantity. Anders also mentioned that Inventory Closing has been optimized dramatically for certain data distributions, by allowing items to be bundle for the parallel batch processing. Finally the conflict report that now also can detect conflicts between ledger and WIP transactions and a new cube for slicing and dicing costing data was shown. A solid presentation from Anders – after his AXUG sessions last week, Anders is on a roll.

I also saw that the Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 book is available – they have copies in the Hands-On Labs. The wait is over 🙂


An amazing day is coming to an end – I enjoyed it, I hope you did too?

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