Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 RTM

Today the team of authors and editors handed over the last chapter to MS Press. The book is now in the process of being printed.

It is scheduled to hit the shelves October 24th 2012.


This book project started exactly one year ago. I remember a morning in early October last year on a hotel’s patio in downtown Seattle where the first draft of the table of contents got discussed. Despite local traffic, rain, and jetlag we created a straw-man and table of contents. Now, one year later, and with thousands of iterations on contents, structures, phrases, wordings, samples, graphics and with the contribution of over 60 individuals the book is finally a reality. I’m delighted to have been part of the team, and I hope you will benefit from (and perhaps even enjoy) reading this book.


Comments (2)

  1. Fabricio Noriega says:

    Hi Michael, will it be possible to buy this during the Technical Conference?

  2. Nicholas Peterson says:

    Any way to get this early in the form of digital download or is the 24th the earliest possible?

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