CombineXPOs official version now in beta

If you are using a version control system and want an automated build process, I have some great news for you. Microsoft has just published a beta version of CombineXPOs, which is a small utility required in the build process. For more information see here:

Comments (3)

  1. @Flemming: The CombineXPOs tool is required to create an automated build process. It is primarily concatenating the XPO files and ensuring the head/footer markers are kept correctly. Besides this it ensure the ordering of the elements in the resulting file is optimized for importing.

    @Andreas Gahr: Your question is answered here:…/combinexpos-new-version-official-beta-has-started.aspx

  2. Andreas Gahr says:

    The Objekts will be reordered to import correctly.

    But my question ist: Is it able to pack C# Projects? Since they are not stored as XPOs in Version Control System, i assume it is not possible to pack them into the generated XPO. In this case it is quite useless for real build scenarios.

  3. Flemming says:

    Hi Michael

    Could you perhaps explain the benefit of this (apart from concatenating a bunch of files into one). I can't fint a good explanation elsewhere…

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