Dynamics AX 2012 – The compiler output window

This is a prominent and frequently used form in the developer workspace – so shouldn’t it be sleek and user friendly?

Here is an annotated screenshot of the final result (click the image for a large version). What do you think?


Sometimes the value added by a garage-project becomes so obvious to everyone, that it must be productized. This is an example. This was literally the last developer feature that made it into AX 2012. Working in an environment where last minute changes to scope is possible despite the project’s (huge) size and extensive engineering processes is another thing I love about my job.

Comments (3)

  1. Paul says:

    How can I prevent the output from my most recent compilation dissapearing?  If I have 15 errors to work through, I find that I fix one and then have to perform a full recompile to find out what the other 14 were!!!

  2. F7 in the editor will start a compilation – and reopen the form.

  3. Abdul Qadir Khan says:

    any shortcut to re open it if closed accidentally ?

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