Seeing is believing – AX 2012 X++ Editor

Here is a sneak preview of the new X++ Editor in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Notice that the editor now features word-completion, automatic indenting, scripting, zoom, multiline editing, and much much more.

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Comments (5)

  1. Michael O says:

    Nice stuff. One thing which could save me a lot of time would be if the word-completion would be case-sensitive. Example:

    CustTable custTable;


    custTable.AccountNum = …

    In case the lookup would be case-sensitive I would only need to type a 'c' and not like today 'custTa' in the second line.

    Alternative case-sensitive match shows first in lookup.

    Greetings from an old colleague.

  2. Kurt:  Given the editor shows one method at a time, I would argue, you should consider refactoring the code if you need a splitter to work effectively.

  3. Kurt says:

    Very nice.  But there is one more thing that would be nice, and that is the ability to split the editor, just like in word, where you can keep the top of the method in a upper screen, and the rest of the code on the lower section.

  4. Mike says:

    Great job!

    AX2012 X++ Editor looks better then the current one.

    Those who whan to use features like word-completion, scripting (executing script by hotkey) and etc now could simply install AxAssist Add-on. It supports ax3, ax4 and ax2009.


  5. Mads says:

    It looks great.

    Do you know when it will be available for partners ?

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