Demo data for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is released

Demo Company Overview

The Demo Data set for Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2009 is no longer based on the Global Trade and Manufacturing Company. Based on market feedback we have created a new Contoso Entertainment systems group of companies. It comes with 2 fiscal years of transactional data that enable us to demo our stronger Business Intelligence story and Role Center pages, while allowing us to easily expand the demo data story in future releases as we expand Microsoft Dynamics® AX’s functionality footprint.

Contoso Entertainment Systems (CES) is a home electronics manufacturing, distribution and retail company that includes a Professional Services department. Its headquarters are in the USA with a key distribution subsidiary based in Germany and it works with the relevant currencies. CES distributes televisions, projectors, Digital Video Recorders and Players, and audio receivers. It manufactures speakers and assembles home theatre systems. CES’s customers are primarily based in North America and Europe and include Major Accounts (such as hotel chains), Wholesalers (of differing sizes), Retail stores (that are self-owned and operated), as well an internet storefront.

The legal and physical structure of CES is setup as follows:

·          CEC – Contoso Entertainment Consolidation, based in USA

·          CEU – Contoso Entertainment USA, Headquarters based in USA

o    Site 1: Production of all speakers

o    Site 2: Assembly of home theatre systems and Services

o    Site 3: Production of Standard speakers

·          CEE – Contoso Entertainment Europe, Distribution subsidiary company based in Germany

o    Site 4: Distribution, Assembly and Service of all products

·          CVC – Virtual company that includes table collections from CEU and CEE.

The downloads for Contoso Entertainment Systems demo data offers transactional data for Basic, Administration, General Ledger, Bank, Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable, Accounts and Receivable, Inventory Management, Intercompany, Production, Master Planning, CRM, Project, Expense Management, and Human Resources modules, and is intended to demonstrate these modules’ functionality. It also offers base data (i.e. no transactions) for the Product Builder modules. There is no demo data available for Payroll and Cost Accounting modules.






Comments (13)

  1. Thodt says:

    I'm studying demo reports on dynamics AX2009 but some time I don't understand capability of report. Could you pls help me where can I find all of meaning of reports on Dynamics AX2009? (For examples: I can know what information base on the report?)

  2. Bill says:

    Is there ANYWHERE that MSDN Subscribers can download this demo data from?  I am not a customer, I’m a prospect and therefore don’t have a CustomerSource ID.



  3. ajuarora says:

    Please upload the demo data, I have MSDN subscription but that does not provide data.

  4. AURORA says:

    Please upload the demo data, I have MSDN subscription but that does not provide data.

  5. Vincent says:

    MSDN Subscription has access to Dynamics AX 2009, but the Demo Data for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is missing.  Anyone know where I can download the demo other than from PartnerSource or CustomerSource?

  6. Tonco says:

    I am having a problem with the product model compiler. Logged in as Admin, but get error that I’ve got insufficient rights to compile. Anyone who can help me (new to Dynamicx AX 2009


  7. Chad Renstrom says:

    Thanks!  Got our eval environment (dev install) up and running yesterday.

  8. Bill Gerrish - Microsoft Dynamics U.S. says:

    jayuskin: If you are currently running AX in Japan who is your local Partner?

  9. jayushkin says:

    since 5.0 is not yet released here in Japan, we are stuck trying out 4.0 for now.  does anybody know some good test data sets for 4.0?

  10. jay says:

    Version 5.0 has not been released here in Japan yet so we are stuck working with 4.0 for the time being.  Are there good data sets for 4.0 out there that we could download?

  11. Diego: I’m not sure I understand your request. The link in this post provides you with the demo data.

  12. Diego Gagliano says:

    I need to upload the demo data for AX2009 to test the new AX. I try to upload the data from the prerelease version, but I can’t. Can you please provide to me the demo data.


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