Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is RTM!

Today Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is RTM. This means DVDs are now being mass produced, and the product is available for download at Partner Source.


My favorite features in DAX2009:

  • Brand new UI: List pages, role centers, crumb-bar, activity centers and ribbons.

  • Improved performance. Especially I like the near-instantly startup of the clients.

  • Workflow support.

  • Improved reporting and BI facilties; powered by SSRS.

  • Enhanced developer experienced: TFS integration, XML documentation, ER diagrams, CLR interop and much more.

  • New suite of tools for code upgrade.

I'm proud to have been a part of the extraordinary team building this extraordinary product, executing on a 2 year plan and delivering on time. Since you are reading my blog, I feel confident this product will have a postive impact on your professional life. Starting today!

Comments (10)

  1. syed zaim raza kazmi says:

    i need dynamic AX 2009 entity relationship diagram (ERD) it would be appreciate if some one email me ( becuase while i am generating it from sql server it’s going to crash.


    Zaim Raza.

  2. Richard says:

    THe .erx files I exported from AX 2009 do not import to either ERWin 3.5 or 4.0. They dropped that extension years ago. Have they brought it back in their later versions? If so which one? 7x. It’s costs more than $3000.00 to upgrade from 4.0 so I am not sue it is work it even though I am an AX partner and consultant.


  3. Klaus Madsen says:

    The easiest way to evaluate the output of Reverse Engineering of ER Data Models is to import the generated .ERX file into Visio. Create a new “Database Model Diagram” and then import the .ERX file from “DatabaseImportImport Erwin ERX file…”. Once imported then use the “Database Properties” to inspect the imported tables and view.

    You can also use CA Erwin Data Modeler utility.


  4. Jan Lohmeijer says:


    I have seen the reverse engineering to ERX ER model. But Visio can’t open that file, so what software is needed to read the .erx file? Can you help me on that?



  5. mfp says:

    The Export to Visio has been improved in DAX2009. Besides UML it now also supports generating Entity Relationship diagrams.

  6. jan lohmeijer says:

    In the technical what’s new there is nothing on: "Enhanced developer experienced: ER diagrams".

    Is the ‘old’ visual Morph back again? Export to Visio is a crime and does not work.

  7. Mukkul Dasgupta says:

    The Demo Data will be uploaded on PartnerSource in the very near future.

  8. AXer says:

    Where Can I get the Demo Data?Thanks a lot!

  9. Yea got the e-mail from TAP team, well done to the whole AX 2009 team for showing what a group can do with the end to end Microsoft stack from Office Communication Server to SQL Reporting

  10. Jesper Søe says:


    Looking forward to take it for a spin….

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