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With Dynamics AX 5.0 there is no longer an excuse for not using a source control system when developing in MorphX. The version control integration options in Dynamics AX 5.0 both cater to larger development organizations by seamlessly integrating with Visual Source Safe and Team Foundation Server, and to smaller development teams who cannot afford the additional overhead of these larger system with a new, simple, yet powerful, version control system: MorphX VCS.

All 3 flavours enable check-in/check-out/undo check-out/change history/change descriptions/quality bar enforcements etc. Using a version control system can dramatically improve the quality, predictability and productivity of your MorphX projects.

This channel 9 screencast gives a preview of the version control system integration options in the next release of MorphX - the IDE of Dynamics AX. It shows a side-by-side comparison of the integration options with Team Foundation Server, Visual Source Safe, and MorphX VCS. The last half of the screencast gives a demonstration of MorphX VCS.

Finally I want to wish everyone a "God Jul" (as you say this time of year where I live.)

Version control in MorphX.ppt

Comments (3)

  1. In AX2009 I would recommend that the entire AOD file is moved into production. In AX2012 you should use model files.

  2. Lehrmann says:

    This is a great presentation. Thanks a lot.

    If you intent to continue to tell about version management in AX2009, I would like to know the best practice for releasing code from development to production when using Morphx VCS.

    For instance, can I pick individual versions from Morphx VCS for export to an XPO-file for import into the production environment, or is there a better way to do this?

    Kind regards,

    Morten Lehrmann

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