Behavioral information messages

A concept for displaying behavioral information messages exists in Dynamics AX. A behavioral information messages is a context sensitive message informing the user about a better way of performing an action or about how to perform a not obvious but often used task.


Situations may occur where the user is performing a perfectly legal action, which results in absolutely not what the user expected. By providing the right information, the intimidation can be avoided.


The interface is present on the class box, as a static method.

client static void InfoOnce(
str heading,
str information,
url helpUrl,
str owner


Heading: The heading of your information.

Infomation: The actual message.

HelpUrl: The URL of the help topic where more information can be read.

Owner: A unique name of the message. The user setting (Do not tell me again) is saved in SysLastValue under this name. it is recommended to use the name of class that generates the message.

To create the behavioral information message above you would write:

box::InfoOnce("You are about to iron your shirt!",
@"This may cause undesired results,
as you are still wearing it.
For better results take off your shirt first.",


  • Use short informative messages.
  • Write to both the novice and the expert user.
    The messages are configurable, so the expert can turn them off.
    The expert might still learn from the message.

  • Avoid unnecessary messages.
    Unnecessary messages can make an otherwise well designed user interface, unusable.
    For example, don’t ask users to confirm actions that are easy for them to undo.
  • Don’t burden the users with unimportant and unnecessary information messages. 
  • Be careful not to make everyday work awkward or tiresome in order to avoid a relatively seldom occurring error situation.
  • Don't write warning or error messages.
    They might not be displayed.


  1. A report is empty, because the user has not given the right input.

  2. A parameter is (for a good reason) not present where the user expects it to be.

  3. A feature has been moved in the user interface since the last version.

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