Channel 9 Screencast – MorphX Best Practices

The new installment of AX screencasts is now available on Channel9. It is a 20 minute video on MorphX Best Practices in Dynamics AX 4.0 - one of my favorite topics!

Here is the link:

I've attached the PowerPoint slide deck to this post. The deck contains a transcript of the talk in the slide notes.

MorphX Best Practices.ppt

Comments (3)

  1. Artem Kosykh says:

    My fault 🙂 Of course you have read.

    I think,  that some of Andre’s  thesis are "must have".

  2. Thanks Artem!

    Yes, I’ve read Anders Tind Sørensen’s brilliant thesis on Measuring Complexity in X++ Code. In fact I was his mentor on the project.

    We are currently considering how to integrate Anders’s work with the best practices in X++ for a future release.

  3. Artem Kosykh says:

    This screencast is very fun (especially when you has copy-pasted braces) 🙂 But it is good and interesting too. Thanks!

    Have you read this brilliant work


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