PDC 2005 at a glance

I’ve been asked loads of questions about what was happening on PDC 2005 – so I decided to write this post – hoping to catch the excitement and atmosphere from Los Angeles.

Billg keynote

Bill talks about Vista and Office 12. He made fun of the power supply outage experienced Monday on PDC. MS was supposed to be as reliable as the power supply (not the other way around).
See the video

Windows Vista

Connected, Clarity, and Confidence. Chris Capossela demonstrates a stunning UI that literally makes you want to lick your keyboard. It will be released end-of-year 2006. See the video
WARNING: Credit cards are not accepted – you have to wait!

Office 12

Lots of work put into making common tasks simple and intuitive to find. Release with Vista. See the video

Jim Allchin - "The Next Step for the Windows Platform"


He adds memory to Windows using an USB memory stick… Quite impressive!

WinFX (aka. Avalon and Windows Presentation Foundation)

A new thing to me, is that WinFX is backported and works on XP! Tons of work has been put into making this stunning framework simple to use for both developers and designers. A strong point is the designers can now directly work with the design through XAML documents. Currently they have to work with the developers to get the design as the want. Also a suite of tools named: Expression is available for designers. This is a new market for MS.

Codename MAX

Take WinFX for a spin on XP today with this sample image sharing application. www.microsoft.com/max. It does require a powerful graphics card.


LINQ stands for Language INtegrated Query and in a nutshell, it makes query and set operations, like SQL statements first class citizens in .NET languages like C# and VB. If Anders Hejlsberg ever earned his immortality – this is it. Currently available for .Net 2.0 – but ships with 3.0 in Orcas timeframe. Learn more

Windows Workflow Foundation (aka. Indigo)

Don Box did a few stand-up demos with great applauses – not just because he is fun, but mostly for the content. He showed WWF in Visual Studio and was able to set a breakpoint in the workflow diagram. Run the workflow, and stop at the breakpoint, and continue down in the code. All he used was a code monkey named "Dharma" J. Also, Mike Ehrenberg demoed WWF and Axapta 4.0 using WebServices, about 120 attended. The demo was created by Josh Honeyman. Quite cool – and it earned us a table at "Ask the experts". Here we answered all (both) the questions in about ½ hour.


Windows Relational File System. This has been postponed in order to get it absolutely right. The demo showed a SQL on top of NTFS with WinFS running as a service. Using explorer to navigate to \\myComputer would go through WinFS, whereas c:\ would go through NTFS (as today). It opens up for tons of great functionality, including transactional file operations. It will not ship with Vista. Very powerful when combined with Linq.

IE 7.0
Tab browsing, RSS feed support. More secure and able to detect spyware/adware through a online community feedback system – like we know it from MS Spyware Removal tool.

WinForms 2.0

For me this was fun – they have finally seen the light. I bet one of them has installed Axapta. You can now see a tree view of the controls on the forms (Document outline – is what they call it). And they added autolayout based on localization of UI controls. Our IntelliMorph is still way superior – but they are getting there.

Visual Studio 2005 (aka. Whidbey)

There weren’t any sessions without VS – and I guess most of you already have taken it for a spin. If not you should consider it.

For more details go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc/

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