X++, the catch

“When building a cannon, make sure the cannon ball comes out in the right direction.” This is a piece of advice I heard many years ago. I think, we in generally have been following the advice in the Dynamics AX platform group. The APIs and designs have been easy to understand, and without side-effects. This…


Are the inmates still running the asylum?

The future belongs to those who can build desirable products and services. Consumers vote with their feet. If it is not working for them, they will go somewhere else. If you are not building something that works for them, someone else will. Relying alone on being big and having a long history is the same…


Dynamics 365 for Operations is available!

Dynamics 365 for Operations is now available to deploy and download as part of the Dynamics 365 suite of products. Dynamics 365 brings our business applications closer together in how they look, feel and integrate with each other. Please see the complete blog here. In this release, we have a new header for the Operations…


C# 7.0 – an X++ developer’s dream coming true?

  Today I attended an excellent TechTalk on C# 7.0 by Mads Torgersen at a full house in Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen.   As the talk unfolded I was struck by Déjà vu– this is not the first time I’ve heard Mads present a new feature in C#, that I’ve been using for a long…


Eliminating queues – a case study

I visited Disneyland with my family. In Disneyland, there is a ride where you board an old-fashioned riverboat, nicely decorated with several floors and saloons. The boat sails a small round in a scenic lake. My then 5-year-old son just loved this ride – surprisingly enough, as most visitors could have been his grandparents. We…


We are hiring!

As we are continuing on our path to build a multi-billion-dollar business in the cloud we are looking for a Senior Development Engineer to join the Dynamics AX SCM team. Your primary task will be to deliver incremental improvements that make a real difference for thousands of companies running Dynamics AX and attract even more…


Warehouse Location directives – Fixed location usage

Setting up location directives for your warehouse in AX2012 R3 and AX7 requires a lot of attention to detail. The directives are extremely powerful, but also open ended, which can lead to both performance and logistical problems. This article on MSDN gives a good overview, but doesn’t provide any deep dives. This post is intended…


Dynamics AX Virtual Launch Event

The launch of the new Dynamics AX is imminent. Join the Virtual Launch Event on March 9th 2016 by registering here!


InventDim in AX7

Background The way a new inventory dimension is added in AX has not changed significantly for several releases. Even for AX 7 the best guide is still chapter 6 in Inside Dynamics AX 4. In AX 2012 we almost hit a SQL limitation on the maximum number of fields in the DimIdx index (the limit…


What is new in X++ in AX7?

The X++ language has taken a huge leap ahead in AX7. Here is a list of some of the new capabilities: The var keyword Finally and using Type declarations can be 80 characters Private and public members Static members Client/Server keywords Static event subscription Static classes Internal keyword Reals are decimals Readonly keyword Extension methods…